Dani Alves: "I asked Guardiola to forgive me."

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Dani Alves: "I asked Guardiola to forgive me."

Barcelona made numerous mistakes in the past years in the transfer period, but one of the biggest, if not the biggest, was when they let Dani Alves go. After that, the Catalan club wandered in search of a new right-back, everyone who came was not even a shadow of the Brazilian, who moved to Juventus, then to PSG, and is now a member of Sao Paulo in his homeland.

And he admitted, after so much time, that it wasn't easy for him when he left the Nou Camp. He did not speak about himself, but he was very clear when a journalist from the English Guardian asked him about the situation around Neymar and the story that he could return to Barcelona.

"Every player, I mean just about everyone who left Barcelona, ​​regretted it. It was difficult for everyone to leave, regardless of the reason, "said Alves. Then he talked about his story: "When I left the club, I wanted to show how brave I am, to come back.

Unfortunately, the same people I left for stayed there. I showed that I could play for Barcelona for another ten years. I tried to go back to the club, I wanted to go back. I played so I would come back, but they didn't want me back.


Manchester City

And, when he has not returned to the Nou Camp, Alves regrets that he did not sign for Manchester City. "I am sorry for that. I'm not sorry that I chose PSG, not at all. The time spent in France was fantastic.

But it's my fault I didn't make a deal with City." "The offer was good, however, I had some private problems and I had to change my plan. It would be great if I worked with a man who changed my life and I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth that I let him down."

"I don't like to disappoint people, especially not those who believed in me. I asked Guardiola to forgive me. " In the end, Dani Alves also had a message for Lionel Messi: "I told him several times that he was born to be a Barcelona player and that Barcelona was created to be his club.

He gave me advice earlier, now I can tell him the same thing." "Then he advised me to stay in the club and asked me "Where would you be happier than here?" Now I can only remind him of that conversation. Only when a person leaves Barcelona, ​​he realizes how beautiful it is there, "Dani Alves pointed out.