Laporta wants to bring Neymar back this summer

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Laporta wants to bring Neymar back this summer

While in Catalonia everything is trembling from the announcement that Joan Laporta is completing a multi-purpose investment of 500,000,000 euros, only a few days later comes the confirmation about the intention of the newly elected president of Barcelona to make at least one bombastic transfer in the summer.

Renowned radio RAC1 published the news with the vignette "exclusively" that Barcelona has contacted the leaders of Paris Saint-Germain to discuss Neymar's return to Camp Nou! Although the response of the first man of Paris, Naser Al Khelaifi, was negative, that does not automatically mean that Barcelona will give up, but that they will launch an ever stronger offensive to sign the Brazilian ace!

According to the information from the same source, Laporta is largely preparing the ground for Neymar's signature and plans to start real machinery of people who would work exclusively on this mega transfer! Barcelona reportedly believes that Neymar could return for less money than PSG asked for in all previous years, considering that his contract at the Princes' Park expires in the summer of 2022.

Two years ago, PSG asked for 130,000,000 euros from Barcelona, ​​plus the signatures of at least two players. Barcelona refused without thinking, but now the circumstances are different.

Upcoming summer

Namely, the upcoming summer could be the last for PSG in which he could earn a lot of money from Neymar's sale because otherwise, it could happen that the Brazilian leaves without a euro cent of compensation.

Although negotiations with Neymar and his manager have largely begun, and the best player of the Saints, after the elimination of Bayern Munich from the quarterfinals of the Champions League, stated that he wants to stay in Paris, circumstances have drastically changed since Laporta started interfering.

As the days go by, Barcelona is given more and more chances for Neymar's signature, because the player has a burning desire to play for Barcelona again, and especially in tandem with Lionel Messi. Laporta's attempt to bring Neymar was seen as a clear message to Messi to stay at the club even after the summer.

Barcelona has prepared a ten-year contract for the club icon with huge incomes, and Messi, as the biggest condition for staying, asked the club to seriously strengthen the team during the summer. Probably Neymar's signature would be more than enough, considering that they are great friends ...

If Neymar returns we could watch Barcelona again in 2015 when Messi and Neymar won the Champions League in tandem