Raiola: "It will be difficult for Haaland to say NO to Real Madrid"

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Raiola: "It will be difficult for Haaland to say NO to Real Madrid"

One of the most famous football agents, Mino Raiola, talked to several clubs during the last month and showed them how much money it takes to have one of the best strikers of today and his name is Erling Haaland The Italian did not give statements on that occasion, but that is why he announced a few weeks later and clearly said that each of the 14 clubs that are interested in the Norwegian, they can afford him But for start - does Dortmund want to sell him this summer? "They have already declared themselves, they said they do not want to.

But we will see if there will be the same attitude during July, August," Raiola said for the AS. "If a good opportunity arises, we will put all options on the table. So if everyone is happy and satisfied with the conditions" ...

The famous agent is trying to box the best possible conditions for his client and thus higher percentages for himself, but he claims that money is not a priority for Halland and that it will not be a priority when choosing a new club ...

"Haaland is only interested in two things, to score goals and win titles. He is something like Ibrahimovic or Ronaldo. Goals are his obsession. And trophies, of course. He will choose a club where those two things can go together."

Real Madrid and Barcelona

Real, Barcelona?

"It's very difficult to refuse when such clubs come for you, with so much history and influence. It's really hard for them to say no." There are other clubs, not so big, but quite rich enough to be able to fantasize about Haaland.

"Paris Saint-Germain enters that group, so does City, Juventus has always been there. The league in which a certain club plays is also important." "PSG is in the most difficult position in that sense because they play in the weakest league of these five biggest.

Bayern plays an attractive championship but easily wins. In Spain, you have three clubs with a serious chance to take the title ".. Finally, Raiola commented on the bad financial situation in most of the clubs ... "I don't know if Real can afford Erling, I haven't peeked into the business books.

My opinion is that they can. In fact, I think everyone can afford him. All 14 big clubs want him and everyone can pay him. It's up to us, to choose the best option ", Mino Raiola concluded. Let us remind you, the clause in Erling Haaland's contract, according to which he can go for 75,000,000 euros, will be active only from next summer.

In Dortmund, they rely on that fact, so they will try to reject all those interested with astronomical demands, far above 100,000,000 euros.