Koeman will miss Valencia and Atletico Madrid due to a red card

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Koeman will miss Valencia and Atletico Madrid due to a red card

If Barcelona fails to win the championship at the end of the season, it will be because of everything that happened against Granada. Barcelona was shockingly defeated at home by the guests from Andalusia and thus missed the opportunity to use the mistakes of Atletico and Real, and Ronald Koeman's exclusion brought him two suspension matches, which means that he will not be against Valencia at Mestalla and Atletico at the Camp Stadium.

Such a decision was made by the Disciplinary Commission of La Liga due to an objection to the referee and it will cost the Dutch expert to perform his duties in two, perhaps key, games of the season. Recall, the main referee of the match, Pablo Gonzalez Fuertes, showed a red card to Koeman in the 66th minute after a discussion, and everything was recorded in the report of the delegates, which described in detail what the Barcelona coach said to the fourth referee Luis Collado Lopez.

According to the Catalan media, Koeman plans to travel with the team to Valencia and will follow the match from inside the stadium, with the proviso that he will not be allowed any communication with the team before, during, and in a certain period after the match.

Koeman after the game

Koeman said after the game that he was shocked by the decision of the main referee to exclude him, and as it is stated in the club, they were afraid of harsher punishments because of what was happening on the field.

"I did not say anything bad to the fourth referee. I did not insult anyone in any way. It's amazing that I got a red card, but if the referee decided to be the star of the evening, then let him." "I don't know what they will put in the report, but if they put something that I didn't say, I will complain out loud.

Because, I never insulted or cursed, "said Koeman after the game. Barcelona currently has 71 points, two less than Atletico and Real Madrid, which share the first position in the table. There are five matches left until the end of the championship.

Barça will visit Valencia on May 2 at 9 pm, and then on May 8, they will meet Atletico at 4.15 pm in probably the decisive match of the season. Certainly, Koeman did not need this kind of thing in the crucial part of the season when Barcelona has to go for the title. Still, we will see if Koeman manages to put the team together and win La Liga this season