Mourinho revealed that he cried after the defeat in the Champions League

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Mourinho revealed that he cried after the defeat in the Champions League

Jose Mourinho is a man who has many victories in his career, but in recent years, he has been winning much less on the benches of Manchester United and Tottenham than usual. He also had some painful defeats. Like 0: 5 in El Clásico or 1: 4 against Borussia ...

One, however, fell harder than the others. So much so that it made him cry. In a conversation with Marca, the Portuguese revealed which defeat in his career was the hardest for him. This is the semifinal rematch of the Champions League with Bayern Munich in 2012.

Mourinho then led Real, and they were eliminated after penalties. As many as three players of the Madrid club missed the penalty. And stars like Ronaldo, Kaka, and Sergio Ramos. "Unfortunately, that is also football. Cristiano, Kaka, Ramos ...

Three football beasts, about which there is no doubt, but also people," Mourinho said It was an opportunity for Mourinho to win the Champions League for the third time, and for Real to bring the famous "La Decima" - their 10th Champions League title.

He failed. Real was stopped in the semifinals, and Bayern later lost to Chelsea, also on penalties. "That night was the only one in my coaching career when I cried after the defeat. I remember well, me and Aitor Karanka were in the car in front of my house and we were crying."

"It was very difficult for me because I think we were the strongest that season," Mourinho pointed out


Real won +100 points in the Primera that season (2011/12), nine more than Barcelona, ​​and they scored as many as 121 goals.

Although, again, only seven more than Barça, which received three less (29:32). "We were the best team in Europe, without a doubt. We won the Primera by breaking the record for the number of points won and goals scored, and I'm sure we would win that final.

I have no dilemma," Mourinho told the Portuguese media a little earlier. Let us remind you, the first match with Bayern played in Munich ended with the victory of the Bavarians 2: 1. Mario Gomez's scored a goal in the 90th minute, and before him, Frank Ribery scored for the Bavarians in the 17th minute, while the scorer for Madrid was Mesut Ozil in the 53rd minute.

In the return match, it was 2: 1 for the Spanish representative, with goals by Cristiano Ronaldo in the 6th (from the penalty spot) and 14th minute, while Arjen Robben was accurate for Bayern in the 27th (also from the penalty spot).

The pressure then tied the legs of the players of the home team, so the first two - Ronaldo and Kaka - were inaccurate. Alaba and Gomez punished them, but after Alonso scored a penalty, Kroos and Lahm missed. Ramos was also inaccurate after that, and Bastian Schweinsteiger secured the passage to the Bavarians in the finals.