Wenger on PSG player: "They became emotional and stupidly aggressive"

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Wenger on PSG player: "They became emotional and stupidly aggressive"

The players of Paris Saint-Germain played an excellent first half in last night's duel with Manchester City, but they were not good enough in the second half, so they will play a match of the semifinals of the Champions League in England, on May 4, traveling with a goal behind (1: 2).

They had an advantage in the 15th minute with a goal by Marquinhos, however, mistakes in the second half allowed the guests to turn it around. First, Kevin De Bruyne's cross in the 64th minute ended surprisingly in the net, and then Riyad Mahrez found a hole in the "wall" in the 71st.

The bad situation for his team was further aggravated by Idrissa Gueye in the 77th min when he received a direct red card due to a start on the leg of Ilkay Gundogan. A lot of things in the second half of the match did not go according to the plan of Mauricio Pochettino, and his more experienced colleague, the trophy-winning Arsene Wenger, thinks that it is because the PSG team is not mentally stable.

"In the second half, Paris Saint-Germain stopped being progressive and played defensively. Is it because they ran out of strength? After 1: 1, they completely collapsed psychologically, they became emotional and stupidly aggressive," the Frenchman pointed out.


A three-time Premier League winner with Arsenal had an explanation why that fall occurred. "You could see that the confidence of PSG's players dropped significantly after City's equalizing goal, which should not have happened to the Champions League semi-finalists."

"This is largely due to eight lost games in the French championship this season. When the result is 1: 1, players are afraid of so many defeats. This season is not the same for PSG as the previous one when they were unbeaten in Ligue 1 ", Wenger stated the fact that the Saints in the domestic championship are constantly looking behind the leading Lille.

The experienced expert also referred to the second goal of Manchester City, when the ball passed between Leanardo Paredes and Presnel Kimpembe, who reacted badly in the wall. Marco Veratti lay behind his teammates, Mahrez did not shoot under the wall, but he was more cunning than the rival.

"Why do you put a player lying on the ground, if his teammates in the wall turn their backs on the ball? I don't think such a goal is acceptable for this level of competition"- Wenger reminded, although the most famous move similar to this was made by Cristiano Ronaldo in the elimination of Juventus from Porto.