Duff believes that Hazard is not dedicated enough to football

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Duff believes that Hazard is not dedicated enough to football

As expected, Eden Hazard is in the center of attention of the British sports public after the semifinal match of the Champions League between Chelsea and Real Madrid. The former Chelsea does not play for Madrid at the level at which he played for the London Blues.

Numerous injuries have contributed to that, although his former teammate Damien Duff believes that the Belgian is to blame. The Irishman, who was twice the champion of England with Chelsea under the leadership of Jose Mourinho, claims that Hazard is not professional enough.

"He is 30 years old and he is confident in his dribbling, in his form, but we all know that after those years ..." , the former member of the Irish national team remained unspoken in a conversation for the local RTE television, but he clearly said what he meant.

Although they did not play together, the 42-year-old Duff believes that he knows Hazard's character.

Duff on Hazard

"Hazard was never a big enough professional, he never had a motive like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

If he did, he would probably be by the side of the two mentioned." As an example, he cited the physical condition of the Belgian after arriving at Real Madrid in the summer of 2019. "They paid him 160,000,000 euros, and he showed up with extra pounds, fat, call it what you will ...

I don't like to point a finger at a player, but since he came he had 11 injuries, and to return to the previous level after 11 injuries and very few games in two years, you have to be extremely professional ", pointed out Duff, obviously doubting that Hazard could provide games again as he did at the time when he played for Chelsea.

In the first duel between Real Madrid and Chelsea (1: 1), Hazard played a little less than half an hour, when he replaced Vinicius Jr.
We will see how many minutes Zidane will give him in the return match on May 5 in London, but having in mind that he recovered from the injury, it is possible to see him in the starting lineup.

And then it will be an opportunity to respond to Duff. Real Madrid will have a somewhat harder job considering 1: 1, but that is not a big advantage for Chelsea at all, and Real Madrid can change the whole situation with just one goal. Who knows, maybe Hazard will be the one to excel in London that night