Roma fans frustrated by Solskjaer's statements wished luck to their team

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Roma fans frustrated by Solskjaer's statements wished luck to their team

Roma football players flew to England, and before the trip to England, they received a strong injection of self-confidence. Fans gathered in front of Roma's training center injected it into their veins in order to wish Paul Fonseca's team luck at the Manchester United square, in the first match of the semifinals of the Europa League (Thursday, 21.00).

In addition to the torchlight procession, interwoven with songs and encouraging slogans, the fans of Roma sent a special message to the players and members of the professional staff. They are so annoyed by Ole Gunnar Solskajer that they are asking their favorites to show the Norwegian expert on the Red Devils' bench how they deserve more respect.

The reason is Solskjaer's comment, which is two weeks old, how many years have passed since Roma knocked out Ajax, and Manchester was better than Granada. When the rematch with the Spaniards ended, the journalists asked Ole Gunnar about the chances against the next rival on the international scene, and his answer was: "I don't know them and I don't know how they play."

Roma's ultras understood that sentence as an insult and used it to motivate the players. They quoted her on a poster dominated by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's face, and wrote at the bottom: "Make sure he remembers us well."

Solskjaer on his statement

Now it's all up to the Roma players, although the Manchester coach is defending that he did not want to offend the rival. "I did not mean to offend anyone. Roma is a great club. While I was a player, I changed jerseys with Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi.

I made that comment immediately after the rematch with Granada, under the impression of passing." "Of course I watched the Italians play, but at that point, I didn’t analyze them. In the meantime, I did and we are ready for a duel ", assures Solskjaer.

Now the Roma players could have an additional motive against the Red Devils who are really in great shape lately. In England, they have not been defeated for a long time and are in second place. On the other hand, Roma does not play nearly as well in Italy as was once the case.

Solskjaer must have known their shortcomings and will try to take advantage of them. On the other hand, Fonseca will have to throw all the cards in the Europa League in order for their team to win and thus play in the Champions League next season.