Tuchel: "Werner's misses don't help us, but crying won't help either"

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Tuchel: "Werner's misses don't help us, but crying won't help either"

The striker, whose transfer was paid 60,000,000 euros, is expected to score goals very easily. Just like he did in the jersey of the previous club. However, Timo Werner has been in quite a problem with the realization since his arrival from RB Leipzig in Chelsea.

Although 11 goals and 12 assists in 45 appearances are not such a bad statistic, misses are something that is talked about when his games for the London Blues are mentioned. Especially since he scored 28 goals in 34 Bundesliga games last season.

He is struggling a lot in the Premier League, and that was also transferred to the Champions League. In last night's duel with Real Madrid, Werner had a phenomenal chance to give his team an advantage in the 10th minute, but his shot from the edge of the box was saved by Thibaut Courtois.

The Belgian intervened brilliantly. but the player paid the mentioned amount is expected to routinely end such situations with a goal.

Tuchel praised him

Above all, his coach Thomas Tuchel expects that, who, although he defended his compatriots, could not hide his disappointment.

Just as it was against West Ham. "He had a big miss against West Ham, and now another. It doesn't help us, but it won't help us cry about it either. That's how it is, There are a million people with much bigger problems than missed chances and that's the good thing about sports - the next day no one cares what happened."

"Now we are disappointed and angry, which is normal. He is angry and disappointed, but a day off follows, and at the next training he will come with his head held high and continue where he left off." "He is a great guy and a great professional who works hard ", Tuchel tried to calm the situation and the criticism of Chelsea fans.

The Blues have a positive 1: 1 for a rematch at their stadium. Tuchel pointed out that he would try to use that, as well as that he expected Werner's reaction. "We will never stop moving forward, to believe and I'm sure my players think the same way.

When you're a striker it's easy, if you score a goal in the next game, no one will remember the previous miss." For Timo Werner, however, it will not be easy. He will have to hope for goals in order to neutralize all the misses from this season.

Of the 29 goal chances he found himself in since arriving at Chelsea, he turned only eight into goals.