Ozil doesn't want to leave Arsenal

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Ozil doesn't want to leave Arsenal

Arsenal fans are dissatisfied with Mesut Ozil's games. The German has not been playing the way he used to play lately. Many believe that he should leave London, but not Ozil. "My position is clear. I will be here until the last day of the contract and I will give everything I have for this club.

Situations like this can't break me, they can only strengthen me. I have shown in the past that I am capable of returning to the team and I will show it again. "- as quoted by mozzartsport "I can't talk about private conversations with the coach, but I can say that my body is in good condition.

I was ready enough to play every game even before the break, except for a minor injury, the situation is the same in the continuation. I got a daughter, so I don't always sleep the best, but that's normal. In fact, I have a lot more energy and enthusiasm to play because of it.

” Ozil is aware that he is not in the right shape and that he has to fight for a place in the team "As a player, sometimes you have bad days, you can't always be happy, especially if you don't play. When you are aware of your quality, and you know that you will not compete for the starting 11, it is difficult to be at a 100% chance, of course, you will be disappointed.

After the break, I didn't get a chance to show what I'm capable of. You don't play ten games in a row if you're not in shape, if you're not good enough, or if you don't behave properly. If I had played badly, and if I had been left out because of that, I would have understood, but that was not the case.


COVID problems

Ozil agreed to a pay cut to help the team's staff but believes they didn't get all the information they needed and that's why he may not have played "As footballers, we all wanted to help, but we needed more information, there were a lot of unanswered questions.

Everyone agreed with the salary postponement, but there were a lot of unknowns. I was ready to agree to the reduction to be even bigger in my case so that the whole picture of the situation was clearer. But they wanted to hurry us without real consultation.

Everyone in such a situation has the right to be maximally informed, to understand all aspects of the story, and the ways of that money that we would give up. We didn't get enough details, we were brought before the final act."

" Everything was done too quickly, and that is not the way when it comes to something so important and something that creates a lot of pressure. Probably that decision affected my chances to play in the continuation of the season, I'm not sure.

But I'm not afraid to stand up for what I think is right - when I see what happened to 55 employees, it seems that I did the right thing. " Still, he is happy with life in London and it seems he wants to stay "I decide when I will go, not other people.

I didn't sign for two or three years. I signed on four and everyone should respect that. I’m not in a simple situation, but I love Arsenal, I love being here, and I love the people at the club I’ve been with for a long time. And London is my home. ”