Julian Nagelsmann becomes the most expensive coach in the world

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Julian Nagelsmann becomes the most expensive coach in the world

A German always knows what he is doing, a German always has a plan. And even when he has a coach who brought him six trophies in less than two seasons - and the seventh is on the way - he strives for perfection. Hansi Flick did his part of the job fantastically when he succeeded Niko Kovac, won both European and German, and now he will win another trophy, but he will now give way his place to coaching prodigy Julian Nagelsmann.

Flick will, everyone agrees that there is no confirmation yet, continue his career on the bench of the German national team from the fall, while the 33-year-old Nagelsmann will become the most expensive coach in the history of football.

Although there is still disagreement about how much Nagelsmann's arrival in Munich will really cost. Late last night, Bild - the first to announce for Naglesmann and is generally considered the most reliable source when it comes to events at the Bavarian club - announced that the transfer will be worth 15,000,000 euros fixed plus another 5,000,000 if Bayern wins the German title.

Which will certainly happen because Nagelsmann signed a five-year contract, and it is hard to imagine Bayern being so without a trophy in Germany. Today, however, Bild corrected itself, adding that the total price could increase to 25,000,000 euros, it is not yet written what caused that, so we can only assume that it has something to do with the new trophy in the Champions League.

Most expensive coach

However, it is quite clear that at the age of 33, Nagelsmann will replace Andrea Villas-Boas at the top of the list of the most expensive coaches in the history of football. There will be a change in the team as well, David Alaba has already announced his departure, and Jerome Boateng is leaving.

For now, the arrival of Dayot Upamecano is finished, also from Leipzig, for whom Bayern will give 42,500,000 euros. Which is to say: Leipzig has already taken more than 60,000,000 from Bayern, and the transfer period has not even begun.

It is still a waste of money, if the rise of Leipzig does not continue, which will remain without sports director Markus Krosche this summer. Nagelsmann could be replaced by Salzburg's Jesse Marsch, Ralph Rangick still works for Red Bull and could return to the position of sports director.

However, they are far from not knowing what they are doing in Leipzig. In the summer, Angelino's contract will be bought from Manchester City.
Josko Gvardiol from Dinamo Zagreb will arrive, Strasbourg's much-vaunted stopper Mohamed Simakan, then the talented right back of Monaco, Benjamin Henrichs, and as a free player Ajax's wunderkind Brian Brobbey.

Leipzig has already spent 70,000,000 euros, but they also earned since they sold Hannes Wolf to Borussia Monchengladbach for 10,000,000.