Ilkay Gundogan still feels the effects of prejudice in Germany

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Ilkay Gundogan still feels the effects of prejudice in Germany

Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan, one of the most respected football players of today, was officially the best football player in the Premier League in January and February this year ... But, the native German with Turkish roots had to face many obstacles that did not were ahead of most of his teammates, no matter what club he played for.

The biggest problem was the prejudices of the environment ... "There were people (at the time I played in Germany) who were amazed at how well I spoke German. I replied: 'Well, I grew up in Germany, it would be a shame not to speak that language,'" he wrote in a column for "The Players' Tribune"

Gundogan's parents are Turks, so it is logical that he speaks his mother language very well. In a kind of confession for the mentioned site, in which he mentioned all the beautiful memories, he admits that it was not only the Germans who pointed a finger at him ...

"There have been reverse situations. I consider myself a Turk, but some Turks say, 'Oh, are you a Turk? It's a very bad feeling. I'm part of both countries, but sometimes I feel like I'm stuck between them."

"They say I'm not completely a German, so I'm not completely Turkish. Who am I then?" Ilkay asked himself.

Germany or Turkey

He says that the hardest thing for him was when he had to decide whether to play for Germany or Turkey.

"I was still a teenager, so I didn't know if I would ever become a good footballer. I couldn't imagine what reactions my decisions would produce." "Especially in Turkey, people wonder how much of a Turk I really am.

The fact that I play for Germany does not refute the other fact that I am a Turk, do you understand? But it seems difficult for some people to understand. " The great midfielder also mentioned the inconveniences he had while wearing the Borussia jersey, although only at the beginning until the environment found out what he was doing.

"When I arrived in Dortmund, it seemed to me that I was ready for anything. I was wrong. I will never forget what happened then." "I was looking for an apartment in the city and I heard people (behind my back) talking about me: Have you seen this surname "Gundogan.

He's a Turk. Are you sure he can afford this apartment?" However, when he told them that he was a football player, their tone changed. "They said to me, 'Oh sir, please come in, look, we're at your disposal.

And they were immigrants themselves! It was very sad. It's really bad that you can't forget things like this." "The insecurity stays with you. You feel that people are looking down on you, even though they might not be."

, explained the ace of Manchester City and the German national team, who managed to overcome all those prejudices and make the world what it is for family and friends - Ilkay Gundogan

Certainly, Gundogan somehow managed to overcome all the insults and condemnations he had from early childhood and became what he dreamed of as a boy.

It's really great to hear stories like this that give us the message that if we believe in ourselves, success will surely come. Gundogan is an obvious example of this, and we wish him good luck in the continuation of his career