Real Madrid will not be able to buy this summer

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Real Madrid will not be able to buy this summer

The future of Kylan Mbappe has not been resolved yet. And as things stand, they won’t any time soon. Paris Saint-Germain is facing three "NO's" from the best young footballer in the world on three growing offers to continue the cooperation, but that fact does not give Real Madrid any advantage.

The Spanish AS writes that the failure of the Superleague project has complicated the positions of the Royal Club, and Florentino Perez must now explore new ways to fill the gaps in the budget. An immediate economic injection from the Super League box office would enable the mitigation of large losses due to the corona crisis and the reconstruction of the stadium, the strengthening of club finances, and the launch of another project colloquially called "Galacticos 2022"

The realization that none of this is realistic was hardly accepted in Madrid.
What's next for Real Madrid? In the last interview with the public, Perez tried to present that without the Super League, there is no survival of the biggest clubs, that is, that no one will welcome 2024 and the famous reform of the Champions League.

And few believed the story of the great boss of even greater disappointment. But everything he drew as conclusions seems like reality: And he said: Without the Super League, there are no big signings. Without the Super League, fans won't see Kylian Mbappe or Erling Halland!

"Such signings become impossible after all. Without new income, we cannot think in that direction. Neither we nor any other club. Real Madrid has only three sources of income: tickets, TV rights, and sponsors. As such, Real cannot compete with the clubs"


One of those clubs that Perez meant by is Paris Saint-Germain, which, thanks to the ownership structure, has huge support from Qatar, that is, from the ruling family there. It is not difficult to conclude from everything that Real's first man is angry with the Parisians because of their attitude and turning their backs on the Super League.

And they had very good relations until last Monday ... This will be another obstacle on the way to the eventual realization of the transfer of Kylian Mbappe. They are still reserved in Paris. Leonardo spoke, but said nothing concrete: "Mbappe? He has one more year of contract left, it's not the end ...

In general, we are optimistic that the cooperation will continue." Erling Haaland was never the first target of Madrid. At the Bernabeu they are thinking who will replace Karim Benzema, and fantasize about the ideal summer market - both Mbappe and Haaland- but after all, it is much more certain that it will be: neither Mbappe, nor Haalland.