Ceferin believes that fighting the Super League was as stressful as war

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Ceferin believes that fighting the Super League was as stressful as war

In the previous days, there were many interviews and statements about Florentino Perez, the president of the newly promoted, and then very quickly "extinguished" Super League but also of the first man of UEFA, Alexander Ceferin.

As the president of the main organization of European football comes from Slovenia as one of the former republics of SFRJ, the war in this area did not pass him by. As he says, he picked up a huge experience from there, which benefited him from the football war that shook the whole of Europe and the world at the beginning of this week.

He did not back down from those who wanted to impose themselves as a football oligarchy and alienate the most important sideline in the world, but the organization he leads managed to, at least for now, announce victory.

Through various mechanisms, UEFA launched a counter-offensive on the battlefield, and the steps taken by Ceferin are an incarnation of the experience gained three decades earlier. "I was sitting on the terrace with my family when a man came and told me I had to go to war.

I was shocked ... It all lasted ten days, but those were days of complete tension." "There were big threats, bombs… The whole experience from it helps you survive in situations where some people are trying to destabilize you, "Ceferin recalled in an interview with the AP.

Andrea Agnelli

Of course, his words refer to the attempt of 12 European greats, members of the League of Five, to form the European Super League. "It's something like a war, just as stressful, with the same tension.

Still, spoiled children can't destabilize me." The first alarms near Ceferin started going on eight days ago. On Saturday, the first man of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli, did not respond to his calls, which aroused the suspicion of the UEFA president, which was confirmed very quickly.

"Then I realized that it was pure betrayal and that some people had lied to me for years. I didn't know what exactly would happen in the coming days, but the clubs started calling and saying they were sorry, but that they had to step out - the three of them or four.

" In the Balkans, the godfather can often be a metaphor for betrayal, which is what happened in the case of Ceferin - Agnelli. "We don't have any relationship anymore. We won't even have it. I will continue to trust people, of course. Those I trusted completely, they didn't betray me, no one but Agnelli. I doubted the others all the time."