Tottenham fans asked the management to resign

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Tottenham fans asked the management to resign

We have seen in the most recent example of Arsenal, but also other "Super League sinners", that simply giving up the Super League and apologizing to the leading people is not enough for forgiveness. The situation is similar with another big club in north London.

While several thousand Arsenal fans are demanding the resignation of the majority owner Stan Kroenke, the Tottenham fans did not appear in front of the new White Hart Lane tonight, but like the supporters of the city rival, they demand the immediate resignation of the board members - 90 percent of the fan board confirmed tonight.

Tottenham, like the other members of the Big Six, changed their minds about participating in the Super League and turned the course for 180 degrees, and the first man, Daniel Levy, repented for the anxiety that the original plan brought to the fans.

Not enough, because according to the fans, the interests of the club have been completely undermined.


"The consequences of their decision to try to start this league could cause significant penalties against the Spurs - lost of points, suspension from the competition, fines, other sanctions ..."

"Leading people joined this plan aware of the huge risk and knowing that they could put the players in danger of being banned from international competition ", said the fans' board, but he did not stop there: " It is the responsibility of the club's board of directors to always act in the best interest of Tottenham.

The current board has not done so. In fact, their actions can still cost the club dearly. " It seems that if the current board continues to live, there will be no healthy communication with the fans. "We think that their relationship with us has been irreparably damaged and that their continued presence increases the risk of the club being the victim of punitive measures."

The fan board actually wants more authority in running the club, that is, they do not want to be neglected when making big decisions. Such is certainly the original one that seriously angered them, about their participation in the Super League.

"This is a sad day for a great club, but also a turning point. We can show that our clubs can be managed only with the consent of the fans ", concluded the members of the fan board. It will be very difficult for Tottenham fans to succeed in the plan, but who knows, maybe in the end they will be persistent and Levy and the rest of the management will leave the club.