Idea of a Super League is not dead yet

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Idea of a Super League is not dead yet

In just 48 hours, the plan of 12 clubs led by Real president Florentino Perez to form the Super League collapsed like a tower of cards. Fans, mostly English, went out to the streets and rebelled against the owners of their clubs, and in the name of football won a victory over the rich.

At least for the moment. But a project planned for years could not just crash on its own. Someone inside had to take the first step. And so did Manchester City. According to Sky Sports journalist Kaveh Solhekol, Barcelona and Real Madrid believe that the Citizens are the most responsible for the collapse of the long-planned Super League.

City, as a club owned by Arab owners, unlike most teams of the imagined "league of the rich", has no financial problems, and from the first day, they were insecure and reserved about entering the Super League. Their insecurity soon spread to other English clubs, and when entire England put pressure on the Big Six, City handed over the paperwork necessary to resign and in just a few hours launched an exodus of English clubs from the said competition.

It would be said, too fast and too easy to be true. Or at least it would definitely be over. Florentino Perez claims the same thing, and he recently pointed out on the show El Larguero that each of the 12 clubs has signed a legally binding contract and that he will bear the consequences if he does not comply with it.

More attempts

The mentioned Solhekol writes that the idea still exists, stating that the owners of most of the 12 clubs still think that the Super League is a good idea and they blame each other for the failure due to the impossibility to present the plan in public in the right way.

Therefore, they are still on the alert in the Premier League, convinced that there will be more attempts. "They blame each other and their PR services because they failed to convey their message properly. If we are not careful, they will do it much more professionally next time."

"Many of them still think it is a good idea. They are only sorry that it turned out to be a big disaster, ”one Premier League man told Sky Sport. Florentino Perez, meanwhile, gave another interview, this time to Madrid's AS.

And he once again said that the Super League must see the light of day as soon as possible. Did anyone even think that he would give up so easily?