Perez wants urgent changes to prevent bankruptcy

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Perez wants urgent changes to prevent bankruptcy

Since the idea of ​​creating the European Super League was announced on Sunday night, the storm has subsided with the exit of nine of the 12 planned founders, but this competition is still one of the main topics in the football public.

The president of Real Madrid and the first man of the planned closed competition, Florentino Perez, gave several interviews to the Spanish media in the previous days, and now he has also spoken for AS. Clearly, the topic was the Super League, and the first man of the Royal Club insists that it must come to life as soon as possible because clubs across the continent are threatened with financial collapse.

Plans for the formation of the Super League were announced on Sunday, and on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, the competition was suspended, after the clubs of the big English six (Manchester United Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Chelsea) gave up.

Was the moment wrong and did Perez regret it all? "No, because even if it had been done differently, the reactions of the privileged would have been the same. Already in January, the UEFA president sent a stern warning about the creation of the Super League."

"We wanted to discuss details with UEFA, but they did not give us time. Orchestrated and manipulated operation was done in a way I have never seen before." "We were forced to go to court, which issued precautions that say it all.

Thus, UEFA and FIFA, but also national leagues and federations, were ordered to abandon any measures or actions." "In my opinion, such a verdict puts an end to the monopoly, but even though it was announced on Tuesday, the UEFA president continued to threaten on Wednesday.

Those are the actions against freedom of competition in the European Union and that is something very serious. "


Perez also spoke about the accusations that the Super League would degrade the domestic championships, and he also presented specific information about the financial losses of European clubs.

"KPMG's study showed that only during three months last year, the clubs of the Super League, 12 of them, lost 650,000,000 euros." "This year, with the entire season interwoven with the pandemic, the losses will go to 2,000,000,000 or 2,500,000,000 euros.

Bordeaux has just gone bankrupt. Either we need to change something urgently, or the clubs will be out of business." He claims that the plan would bring money to all clubs, regardless of their reputation. "We have been working on this project for three years and we have studied it well. The plan is to regain the interest of the fans and to provide more money for everyone: big or small clubs."