Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Manchester United!

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Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Manchester United!

When the line is drawn, he certainly earned something at Juventus, but the adventure of Cristiano Ronaldo in Turin cannot even be compared to the earlier in Manchester and Madrid, which is why the Italian public has been speculating about the parting of the Portuguese and the Old Lady for some time.

Florentino Perez has already denied that he will return to Real, but according to the latest allegations of the respected Gazette, Manchester United has not completely given up. Milan's paper states that the representatives of the English club are in contact with the representatives of the Portuguese captain, dissatisfied with the situation in Turin after the relegation from Porto in the Champions League.

Juve will also lose the title, and Ronaldo is not someone who loves to lose That is why he allegedly sent manager Jorge Mendes to investigate where he could continue his career, and United is generally interested. Compensation of 30,000,000 euros would not be a problem for Manchester United, Juve certainly could not take more than that for the 36-year-old football player.

And even 30,000,000 euros is a big number The problem, however, is Ronaldo's salary. Annually 31,000,000 euros. The player, according to Gazeta, is not willing to give up the last year of his contract.


Juventus would because Andrea Agnelli wants a younger and cheaper team after the losses during the corona virus pandemic.

Willing to give a chance to Federico Chiesa and Paulo Dybala would get a new contract. United has the same problems and if Ronaldo wanted to go to Old Trafford, he would have to accept a lower salary. The highest salaries in Manchester have David de Gea (22,500,000 euros) and Paul Pogba (15,500,000).

Ronaldo will hardly get more than Pogba, not at this age. Maybe it's the most realistic to spend another season on Agnelli's hump? Cristiano Ronaldo excelled at United where he became a famous face. United have won many trophies with him and that period in which Cristiano Ronaldo played is perhaps Manchester United's best period.

Certainly most fans would love to relive old memories, and that could happen with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite being 36 years old, Ronaldo can certainly provide two more good seasons if he is not injured. Manchester fans are already nervous because almost 8 years have passed since the last Premier league title. It is necessary for them to make some "boom" and Ronaldo could be the "boom"