Klopp and Guardiola criticized UEFA for the new format of the Champions League

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Klopp and Guardiola criticized UEFA for the new format of the Champions League

The football public is delighted, UEFA managed to stop the idea of ​​the Super League, which could very easily have completely abolished the result as a measure of importance. However, another devastating truth somehow fell into the background: from 2024, 100 more games per season will be played in the Champions League.

It sounds great, but everyone familiar with the game says - it's impossible. "Every time it's the same, coaches and players are looking for quality, the football world wants quantity. We don't wonder. Otherwise, we would ask UEFA and FIFA to extend our year.

If we can have 400 instead of 365 days? ”, Pep Guardiola is sarcastic before Sunday's FA Cup final with Tottenham. Sarcastic, but also serious. "Football is a business, we can't deny it. But my business is to play the best football we can, to think that my players are rested.

And the business of the people who make the competition calendar is not the same. " "They ask us for our opinion, the Premier League, Uefa, FIFA, we say and nothing happens. If they decide on 10 games - there will be 10 games.

The show must go on. " Guardiola is not alone in such thinking. Liverpool colleague Jurgen Klopp does not dispute that the owners of his club made a mistake when they raised their hand for the Super League, but… "You can't just introduce new competitions.

It is very good that the idea of ​​the Super League is no longer on the table, but the new format of the Champions League is not great." "UEFA showed it to me and I didn't like it: 10 games instead of six.

I have no idea when we're going to play them. The only people who were never asked are coaches, players, and fans." "UEFA did not ask us. The Super League didn't ask us. But they always say 'More games'

That is not possible ", Klopp said.

UEFA is not innocent

And here we come to what we knew anyway: UEFA is not as innocent as they want to present themselves. "What is the reason we are reforming the Champions League?" Money ”.

A completely wrong approach, Klopp believes. "The football structure is not ready for more games at the moment. We need to make sure that the quality of football improves, not by buying, but by training. " Instead, they will train less and spend more time in clinics.

Guardiola explains. "Of course there will be more injuries. The boys have a six-day break after the end of the season, so they go to play for the national teams." "The coaches want to train there because they want to play a good tournament.

When they finish, they have a 10 to 15-day break, so they go on tours in New York and Asia." "Then the Community Shield awaits us if we win the Premier League. We play because people ask for it. Players also like to play, but they will not play when they get injured. UEFA knows that and they don't really care."