PSG wants to win the Champions League

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PSG wants to win the Champions League

We remember the statement of Juventus president Andrea Agnelli from March that Atalanta should not play in the Champions League. Almost half a year has passed since then, and the club from Bergamo is the only representative of Italy on the biggest stage in Europe.

And, whatever happens in this match, it was a pleasure to watch Atalanta this season. But far from it, the Goddess of the Province will give up the fight for placement in the semifinals. The team of Gian Pierre Gasperini finished the season in Serie A in a great way and now they will try to take advantage of the fact that they have as many as 11 competitive games more in their legs than Paris Saint-Germain after the coronavirus pandemic.

However, although it seems like an advantage, for Juventus it was not in a rematch with Lyon. It will be an opportunity for Tuchel to make a success like Carlo Ancelotti, Laurent Blanc, and Unai Emery failed to do before him - to reach the semifinals of the Champions League.

The international scene has become a nightmare for Paris Saint-Germain in recent years. Eliminated in the round of 16 for three consecutive seasons, Parisians will try to reach the semi-finals with Tuchel at the helm for the second time in the club's history, for the first time since Nasser Al Kelaifi took over the club and invested over a billion euros in it.

Neymar as the main figure

A large part of the money invested - 222,000,000 - went to bring Neymar. However, in the previous two seasons, since he became a resident of Prince's Park, the Brazilian played only 15 minutes in the elimination phase of the competition, which is why he came primarily - the Champions League.

Strange injuries, just before the carnival in Rio, separated him from the duel in the 1/8 finals, where the European odyssey of Parisians ended. This year, with a healthy Neymar, Dortmund was skipped, and the 28-year-old Brazilian has the opportunity, just like his current club, to reach the semifinals of the Champions League, for the first time since the 2014/15 season when he climbed to the roof of Europe with Barcelona.

And it is certain that in the absence of the suspended Angel di Maria, the injured Layvin Kurzawa and Marco Veratti, and the insufficiently prepared Kylian Mbappe - Tuchel emphasized that the Frenchman does not have the strength in 90 minutes - all eyes of the Paris club leader will be on Neymar.

The Lisbon stage is his. "He (Neymar) loves big, decisive matches. He is a player you can trust in big games. I am completely convinced that he will provide a great game tonight and that our keys are in his hands. Neymar has a mentality for situations like this ", Tuchel assures at the conference before tonight's match