Jesse Lingard: "I didn't want to play, my mind wasn't focused on football."

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Jesse Lingard: "I didn't want to play, my mind wasn't focused on football."

Don't judge a book by its cover. A former player, a failed talent, an Englishman ... They spoke when he wasn't at his best. Now they are lifting him to the skies and considering him a trump card before the European Championship, and only Jesse Lingard knows what obstacles he had to overcome in order to play in accordance with the expectations of the demanding and often impatient England public.

Now he shines in West Ham, scores goals, assists, instills hope that the club from London could reach the Champions League. Many can't believe that this is the same offensive player who struggled at Manchester United. He had a good reason.

The demons he fought. Psychological problems. He does not hide them, and public recognition is perhaps a greater achievement than the rise of form in the Hammer jersey. "It's not that I wanted to 'give up' football, I just wanted to cool off a bit.

I came to the games happy to be a reserve, and that's not me." "Just the other day I said to my brother, 'Do you remember the period when I was just sitting on the bench?' I didn't want to play, my mind wasn't focused on football."

"I lost focus. I thought about other things, I suppressed problems. I tried to play, but I didn't succeed ", Lingard laments the dark period of his career.


He was unhappy by the fact that he could not help his mother in any way, who has been struggling with depression for almost his whole life.

She ended up in a psychiatric institution in London last year, so the burden of responsibility for her brother and sister fell on Jesse's back. His family was in the first place, he didn't care about football. Especially since all the privileges that sport brings him turned out to be useless in an attempt to improve his mother's mental health.

"We helped her for years, but it was difficult for me to deal with it, to suppress problems. I felt that I was not all my own, that I was not the same person, that I was not the real Jesse Lingard." "Even while the game was going on, everything would happen past me, I didn't want to be at the stadium at all.

Madness!" "I opened up to the people of Manchester, told them what I was going through and what problems my mother was struggling with. They were with me all the time, they supported me. " However, in further conversation, he revealed how hard he trained during the pandemic and that this is the reason why he is now in a good shape. And most hope that he will stay in this shape and show his talent in the right way