Manchester United fans want the Glazers to leave the club

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Manchester United fans want the Glazers to leave the club

The founders of the Super League wanted even more money, and the fans responded by insisting that the owners limit their influence on football clubs. True, it will be difficult for them to get it, especially in a liberal economy such as the British one, but the American bosses of Manchester United are again the object of hatred after a long time.

At least the few militants. About 20 of them blocked the entrance to the Carrington training center today with slogans asking for the departure of the Glazer family from Old Trafford. Given that there were only 20 of them, it is not possible to talk about a revolution, although most fans, at least those locals who come to the tribune, will agree with the demand that the hated family leaves the club they took over in May 2005.

The protesters also demanded that a rule be introduced in English football, following the example of German clubs, according to which fans would control at least 50 plus one actions of the club - thus gaining a management part- and finally told the management: "We decide when to play “.

The protest stopped only when coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, with assistants Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher, and one of the more experienced players, Nemanja Matić, came out in front of them. The United boss was reprimanded for standing on the side of the fans three months before the Glazers took over the club and rebelling against the businessman from the USA.

When asked why he didn't do the same thing now, Solskjaer just said ... "Joel (Glazer) loves the club." Fans replied that Joel - who was not at the United game for a full two years - loves the club only when he takes money from United.

Solskjaer and Glazer

Solskjaer was told that he should not teach them lessons about the history of the club, while the Norwegian agreed to come down in front of them only after promising that the conversation would not be recorded.

At first, the club told him not to come down because he was "intimidated" The cause of everything? Of course, the wish of the Manchester titan to be among the 12 founders of the almost closed Super League, which, at least for now, will not be realized after fierce reactions from all sides.

After a catastrophic action that lasted only 48 hours, co-president Joel Glazer apologized to the fans because the management "did not show enough respect for the deep-rooted tradition" He added that he is now "completely committed to rebuilding trust between the club and the fans."

"You have clearly told us that you are against the European Super League and we have heard you. We made a mistake and we want to make things right. " So far, only Ed Woodward, the club's director, has resigned, having resigned after 16 years during which more than £ 1,000,000,000 was invested in the Old Trafford team.