Florentino Perez: "No European Super League? I'm sad and disappointed"

In the last hours the main promoter of the whole event, the chairman of Real Madrid CF Florentino Perez has released important statements that do not close the Super League but far from it

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Florentino Perez: "No European Super League? I'm sad and disappointed"

In the last hours the main promoter of the whole event, the chairman of Real Madrid CF Florentino Perez has released important statements that do not close the Superlega but far from it. Here are the words of him in El Larguero, program on Cadena Ser.

He said: "Am I the president of Real Madrid and the European Super League? No no, I am the president of Real Madrid. And I have to say, that's okay. Last night was a really long night, we were together until one o'clock. I am sad and disappointed.

We have been working on this Superlega project for three years to fight against the economic situation we are going through. La Liga is untouchable, where you have to earn some money is in midweek matches and the Champions League format is outdated, old and interesting only starting with the quarter-finals.

First there is no interest. We are all happy that teams from some countries can face great teams. But when you find yourself in a situation like this. Last season we lost 600 million between the 12 clubs in the Super League. This format does not work and it occurred to us to create a format in which, without showing off, we would play the most important teams in Europe.

We have done the math and we have seen that much more money can be made. So that the big ones do not lose and with solidarity. All of these teams have 2 billion out of four billion fans who like football. I have never seen such aggression, it was something orchestrated in my opinion and it surprised us all.

When we broke the news, we asked to see the UEFA and FIFA president. They didn't answer us. In 20 years I haven't seen this aggression in my life. Threats, insults, as if we had killed football." On the subject, Perez used tennis as a yardstick and spoke about two tennis legends, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal (among other great Real Madrid fans).

Here are the strong statements of him: "This is a pyramid. If there is money at the top, and I can say it because Real Madrid is not mine and belongs to its members ... If there is money at the top, it comes at the bottom. If Federer doesn't play against Nadal at the top, well, to see Nadal against number 80 in the ranking, people don't go."

Novak Djokovic on the Soccer European Super League

In the last few hours the world of sport and especially that of football has been disrupted by the announcement of the European SuperLeague, a new competition where 12 of the main European clubs, among others the Italian teams Juventus, Inter and Milan, became founders of a new competition, estranging themselves so from the Champions League and UEFA.

This choice shocked the world of sport and yesterday fans from all over the world protested against this closed organization which in fact closed to any 'smaller' club After several protests with even Chelsea fans (a club that joined the competition) who protested outside the club headquarters, most of the English clubs opted to leave the Super League and in the night the suspension of this really fast new competition was announced.

In the end the project will not happen: most of the clubs involved, especially those of the English Premier League have declined. Although it concerns another sport, several tennis players also wanted to express their opinion regarding this new competition.

World number one and eighteen-time Grand Slam title winner Novak Djokovic commented on the European Super League as follows: "Soccer is not my sport, I follow it as a fan (of Milan) but my idea of ​​competition, in general.

and despite not having different information on all this, it is really the opposite of this proposal. I defend the principle that there is always the possibility that more clubs, or in the case of tennis, more athletes, have the opportunity to compete at the highest level or be part of a tournament with the best in the world.

The great thing about sport, which fascinates and attracts the public, is that it offers a chance to many athletes or in this case to many clubs. It's nice that there are, in my discipline as in the others, new faces and new winners or champions." The number one in the world is engaged today in the Atp 250 tournament in Belgrade where he will debut in a match on paper that is anything but prohibitive against the Korean Kwon Soonwoo. After the surprising elimination of Monte Carlo the Serbian is now called to react.

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