Simeone: "I supported the club's decision when they wanted to enter the Super League"

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Simeone: "I supported the club's decision when they wanted to enter the Super League"

Just minutes after the announcement that Atletico is leaving Super League, Diego Simeone appeared before the press to talked about the match against Huesca, with all the focus on events in European football during the last 48 hours and where the Madrid club is in all of this.

He revealed that he had a meeting with the first man of Atletico, Miguel Angel Gil Marin, yesterday, and although he did not want to reveal what they talked about, he admitted that he felt hesitation among the management staff about whether to enter the Super League project, after which a decision was made to get out of it.

"I have nothing to hide, my thoughts have always been clear, concrete, and authentic." "I am one of the first people the club consulted about entering the Super League and I told them I believed in their decision because I know they will do what is best for Atletico," Simeone said.

So you were up for entering the Super League? "People in the club have known me for a very long time, I don't like demagoguery and I will not use the situation now to strengthen my reputation." "I told the people at Atletico what I thought I should.

I will not justify myself here now in an attempt to please those who more or less listen to me. "


Do you believe that the rise and fall of the Super League will change anything? "After the tectonic earthquakes we felt, something will surely change, no doubt.

Better, not the other way around. When something happens, everyone wants something to happen, for everyone to find what they missed before. " What percentage of football belongs to the fans? "What do you think? We all belong to football.

Before we are footballers or coaches, we are first and foremost fans." Do you think that the new situation can hinder your team from achieving the set goals? "I do not believe it. Huesca plays well, almost brilliantly.

They play defensive football which is actually a transferred philosophy of the coach and the players have adapted well to his requirements." " I expect a competitive match, where everyone will have their chance to win.

We have a tough opponent ahead of us. " How are Luis Suarez and Joao Felix? "Luis will not play. He is recovering well, but he is not ready yet. I don't know if it will be for the match against Bilbao on Sunday. Joao is trying to be ready for the match with Huesca, but we will see if he will succeed."