Koeman: "UEFA does not care what others say"

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Koeman: "UEFA does not care what others say"

UEFA has won a war against the Super League, and the casualties will only be counted when the pipes cool down completely. The players and coaches, former and current, who talked about this topic in the previous days, many were on the side of UEFA, fierce opponents of the secession in European football.

And now they can consider themselves winners. Ronald Koeman, the head of Barcelona's profession, did not want to publicly declare whose side he is on, but he fired at UEFA press conference before the match with Getafe.

He does not like the new concept of the Champions League, in which there will be 36 clubs, instead of 32 "I agree with Guardiola. It’s amazing how many games there are to be played each season in each competition.

Everyone is now talking about the European Super League, about the new Champions League, about novelties in football." "UEFA talks and talks, and they don't listen to people who are in football, coaches, players at all, they are only interested in money ", Koeman started firing.


The Dutchman points out that the hyper-production of matches can also be seen in domestic leagues. "The same thing is happening in Spain, there are a lot of games. And they are often in terms that are not ideal for the game."

"Like tomorrow when we play at 10 pm. It is normal to talk about the future of football, but let's take care first and protect the players. " Koeman did not want to say what he thinks about the Super League project.

"I talked to the president yesterday. He explained to me what the club's intentions were, but now after everything that has happened, it is better not to express my opinion." "A lot has changed, several clubs have come out of the whole story.

It's just up to me to prepare for the game. I don't think all this will affect the players in any way." "They only have in their heads how to win the title and I have not the slightest dilemma that they will be completely focused on the match and that they will play in the right way ", said Ronald Koeman.

He is right about a lot of things… His team now has the task of winning the Spanish League, and winning the Spanish Cup gave them a huge motive in that. They have a chance, but it will certainly be difficult next to Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid