Ed Woodward decides to leave Manchester United!

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Ed Woodward decides to leave Manchester United!

The domino effect continues - after the decision of Manchester City and Chelsea to initiate the procedure for leaving the European Super League, the latest news reads: Ed Woodward is leaving Manchester United! While the BBC claims that he will officially leave at the end of the calendar year, some media in England write that the resign is immediate, and the reason is the chaos caused by the formation of the Super League.

After a lot of contradictory information, it is most likely that the parting will follow at the end of 2021. But, as new information arrives minute by minute, here are the announcements - Ed Woodward will address the public at 10 pm CET when he will clarify all doubts.

He allegedly planned to leave the club months ago, as he knew what was coming behind the curtains of the big stage, and as the news of the formation of the European Super League resounded like the most terrible detonation and formed a frightening wave of negative comments, threats, and insults, Woodward resign immediately, but also remain in office until the end of the year, ie until Manchester United finds a replacement.


Ed Woodward is leaving Manchester United after 16 years after he was brought. His stay at Old Trafford was mostly under pressure from dissatisfied fans because he, like the Glazer family at the helm of the club, is considered the main culprits for the downfall of the former European and Premier League champions.

Hooligans attacked his home several times, even planes were hired with messages to leave, he came to matches accompanied by strong security, so his decision is not really a miracle. For the last nine years, he has been the general manager of United, the first operative and vice president.

This news seems to have delighted most Manchester United fans around the world who felt that Woodward's policy was not in line with what they expected. Woodward, as already mentioned, was under constant pressure, under constant criticism and the fans resented him for wrong transfers, for wrong management of the club, for wrong financial investment, but it seems that this has come to an end.

It will be interesting to see who will be Woodward's successor, and whether United can be the old one again when they were the main competitors for each trophy with Alex Ferguson. However, let's wait a little longer to find out if the information is official and if there will be any changes.