Guardiola: "UEFA also failed. They have to communicate"

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Guardiola: "UEFA also failed. They have to communicate"

When Josep Guardiola was asked what he thought about the newly formed Super League, and his club- Manchester City in one of those who will participate in Super League- the Spanish expert was honest and criticized the club, but also UEFA.

He began in a joking tone, to relax the heated atmosphere. "I am honored to be able to speak on behalf of City first. I am a good spokesperson. We (managers) talk six times a week, they ask us about health insurance, the corona virus ...

We can say how we feel, but we are not the right people to talk on the subject of the Super League." "The presidents are better. It's uncomfortable for us," Guardiola told a video conference. He admitted that he only had a statement from the information, instructing the media to talk to the presidents of the League and clubs.

He says that he has an opinion, but that he does not have all the information, and he trusts his club. "I support my club. I like to be a part of City. But I also have my opinion. I found out about everything a few hours before it was published.

They told me they would publish a statement and it is there, but no one speaks clearly about what they will do and we are still in this position ... "


Pep, unlike many, is soberer about the current moment. He did not fire strong arrows.

"Every club defends its position. Don't be cynical. Everyone has their interests. When you talk about the Premier League and UEFA, they care about their interests. UEFA also failed. They have to communicate, to be in touch, to know what to do, all together..."

He added that no matter what kind of competition it is, there should always be a special sports charge, which directly hit the idea of ​​the Super League. "If you ask me why these teams were chosen to play this hypothetical competition in the future ...

Sport is not a sport if success is guaranteed, or if it doesn't matter what you lose." "When there is no connection between effort and success, then it is not a sport. Many times I said I want a successful Premier League, not just one team at the top.

It's not fair if teams are fighting for (some) top and they can't go any further. " He does not worry whether UEFA will ban City from playing in the semifinals of the Champions League because they joined the Supeliga.

"No, because it is a (Super League) embryo that is not breathing yet, it is just an intention. It is not breathing. That is the reality. We will play the Champions League next week and try to reach the final. We will play in Europe because we deserve it," the Spaniard added .