Dortmund and PSG refused to participate in the Super League

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Dortmund and PSG refused to participate in the Super League

While many are wise and wait for others, waiting to see in which direction the war will go on the realization of UEFA & FIFA - SLCo (the company that organizes the Super League), the leaders of Borussia Dortmund performed loud and clear.

And above all, brave: We will not go to the Super League! Hans Joachim Watzke and other Westphalian leaders may not have had "complete freedom of decision", as fans have a huge impact on the functioning of the Dortmund club (their eventual boycott, which would lead to a crisis caused by a coronavirus pandemic, would cause a serious crisis at the club).

the move is certainly worthy of all respect. "The members of the board of the European Club Association (ECA) gathered on Sunday evening for a virtual conference and confirmed that the decision of the Board from last Friday is still valid."

"That decision means that the clubs want to continue implementing the planned reform of the Champions League from 2024. The ECA committees have clearly stated their opinion that they do not want the Super League ", stated the first man of Borussia, Hans Joakim Watzke.

He did not individually state which clubs were in question, but he did not miss the opportunity to state how both German clubs represented on the Board (Dortmund and Bayern) represented the same statuses. In translation, Watzke believes that Bayern is also against the Super League, but some media speculate that the Bavarians have not yet decided for sure and that they could easily change their mind in favor of new competition.

In a way, they also have a problem with the fans: the rule that is in force in Germany - "50 + 1" A revolt by club members could cause them a problem.


With the two biggest German clubs out of the Super League and Paris Saint-Germain, who is currently also out of that story because of his first man Nasser Al Khelaif, it is clear that the Super League is losing a lot.

Maybe even a superior position in this war. Not long after everything was rumored, it was leaked that the organizers of the Super League prepared replacements if PSG and Dortmund do not change their minds. Apparently, it was supposed to be Porto and RB Leipzig, but then Red Bull also announced, gaining new sympathy from the fans: We won't go to the Super League either!

In the end, on the same wave, the English media spread information that neither Manchester City nor Chelsea gladly accepted the entry into the new elite league, but "that they were afraid that they would continue to function if everyone else accepted", and they still said - yes. It seems that the battle is flaring up, nothing is over yet ...