Sergio Aguero has big demands for interested clubs

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Sergio Aguero has big demands for interested clubs

The upcoming summer on the football market will most likely be marked by Erling Haaland, probably also Kylian Mbappe, but the fate of Sergio Aguero will be no less interesting. Last month, the Argentine officially decided to put an end to his ten-year stay in Manchester City, and he is a legend of City, but he will look for a new club during the summer months as a free agent.

Since then, his name has been mostly associated with Barcelona and Chelsea, and no one can clearly say at this moment where Aguero could continue his career. There are rumors from England that he wants to continue his career in the Premier League, while well-informed Catalan media claim that Joan Laporta is doing everything to pair Aguero and Lionel Messi, which would further raise the chances of keeping the Barcelona icon at Camp Nou.

What was also much speculated about was the financial part of his signing. Since the interested clubs will not have to pay compensation, according to the unwritten rule, the player and his agent will have more money in the name of salary, bonuses, and further fees.

The information came that he wants to keep most of his fixed salary of 13,000,000 euros in City, without bonuses, but he didn't play big minutes, only 514 minutes in all competitions, due to constant injury problems.

Chelsea, Barcelona, PSG, and Juventus

It is now written that Aguero is in front of four interested clubs, and that is, in addition to Chelsea and Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain, and Juventus, who presented part of their demands.

Aguero is asking for 230,000 euros a week in the name of salary, which is 920,000 euros a month, and over 11,000,000 European banknotes a year. So, it was not a joke that the Argentine wants to be well paid, although injury problems are becoming more frequent.

For comparison, he earns 300,000 euros a week in City with all the bonuses, which is almost 14,500,000 euros. At this moment, Chelsea is reportedly the first candidate for his signature. Not only they can carry the burden of his salaries, but the Blues also need a man who will replace Olivier Giroud and strengthen the competition, considering that Timo Werner and Tamy Abraham have not yet shown that they are capable of carrying the burden of great expectations on their backs.

Barcelona still does not have a clear budget for the next season, and the coronavirus pandemic has a big impact. Juventus would not get involved in such a strong financial deal since it is not yet known what will happen to Cristiano Ronaldo, who earns over 30,000,000 euros.

If he left, Aguero would be the first pick. For PSG, again, everything depends on whether Kylian Mbappe will go to Real Madrid or not, and even if he leaves, the first target would be Erling Haaland, Aguero would be the second option.

Let us remind you, the owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich, had the idea to attack Haaland's signature at any cost, but the Norwegian wrote off the transfer to Stamford Bridge because he does not see Chelsea as a "top club" in accordance with his ambitions. Since then, it has been Abramovich's idea to bring Aguero to West London.