Luis Figo: "The best football player at the moment is Kylian Mbappe"

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Luis Figo: "The best football player at the moment is Kylian Mbappe"

Football in Russia has its stars, but all of them were overshadowed in the previous days by the former great world star - Luis Figo. The former Portuguese national team player visited the largest country on the planet in order to promote the most important sideline in the world, so the local media raced to talk to the owner of the Golden Ball from 2000, at a time when many football artists were dancing on the green carpet.

He thinks there are many artists today, and he noticed one. "The best football player at the moment is Kylian Mbappe. In addition to being talented and already playing at the highest level, he is still very young. If he continues to progress and grow as a football player, he will be the best for a very long time," said Figo.

He did not hesitate to draw a parallel between his epoch and the present. "In my time, 15-20 people could actually win the Golden Ball every year. Maybe it was such a generation ... In the past ten years, only two have lifted this award.

But it's not because of a lack of talent, it's just the two of them, Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, were too good. "

Messi and Ronaldo

And which of the two is better? "It's a difficult question. It's hard for me to compare them.

It's like comparing truffles and caviar to you," as he had style on the field, Figo subtly portrayed that it is extremely ungrateful to compare the qualities of the two current greats. He revealed that his three daughters, Daniel, Martin, and Stella are watching football matches with him.

"They're not crazy fans, but they like football." And none of them, according to Figo, has a dilemma who is the best football player, Ronaldo, Messi ... "They love their father the most," the Portuguese added with a laugh, who, like most football fans, is no stranger to reaching for a glass of drink or a bowl of snacks while watching a football match on a TV screen.

"If it's summer, then I usually drink something colder - beer, champagne. In winter, I opt for red wine, and there are cheese and some caviar" explained the former player of Sporting, Barcelona, ​​Real, and Inter, who won the national title with every club.

He was also the European champion in the Real jersey. If he could, he would still change something in his career. "So that I can win a European or world title (with Portugal)" Figo was honest.