Rio Ferdinand: "Zidane leaves that his football speaks for him"

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Rio Ferdinand: "Zidane leaves that his football speaks for him"

How Zinedine Zidane works at Real Madrid is best described by his work and results. He won three Champions Leagues, and in this edition, he reached the semifinals by eliminating Liverpool with the Royal Club after 0: 0 in England.

BT Sports journalists Rio Ferdinand and Steve McManaman have now spoken about Zidane's work. They are delighted with the behavior and results of the famous Frenchman. Zidane is not known as someone who flaunts his statements, he is not overbearing in public, on the contrary - he is modest.

He doesn't give big words, he's not as interesting as some other coaches, so Rio and Steve say that because of that he got less applause than he deserves. "That man has incredible ability. And he did everything in a short time.

He came and picked up trophy after trophy and the biggest ones. Three Champions Leagues as a coach? " "Phenomenal! He doesn't have much to say, he never talked like a player. He leaves that his football speaks for him.

It's similar now in the coaching business, "Ferdinand said. Lately, there are more and more coaches with interesting statements who make a big "boom" in the world of sports. That is not the case with Zidane "He doesn't talk much, he doesn't name anyone.

It's all about getting the job done and he does it flawlessly. He goes to the finals and knows how to win it. He's unique."

Words of praise

And Steve McManaman had only words of praise for the Frenchman. "He's doing an amazing job.

If someone else was in his place, we'd be exhausted from the applause, the applause. The fact that he's so big is also because he doesn't want applause." "He's relaxed, people don't think he's a tactical genius, and he is.

"McManaman said. He then commented on the duel between Real and Liverpool. "He does his homework, he knows how to play. They knew what Liverpool's weaknesses were. He is great at his job. He deserves much more praise than he received.

Especially in the Spanish media." "Sometimes the criticism there is brutal," McManaman said. Real Madrid is now in the semi-finals where they will play against Chelsea. True, Real got the easiest opponent in this part of the competition but Chelsea has been playing great lately under the leadership of Tuchel who has denied all those who thought he was a bad coach.

Now Zidane will have a great opportunity to try to win the Champions League 4 times. If he succeeds, it is really unlikely that anyone will be able to break his record.