Watzke: "Guardiola has spent a billion euros and has no right to criticize others"

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Watzke: "Guardiola has spent a billion euros and has no right to criticize others"

Phil Foden brought a goal advantage to Manchester City in the last seconds of the game, but Dortmund has something to hope for. They scored a goal on the side, they are the hosts in the return match, it is true in front of the empty stands of Westphalen, but Borussia will not give up easily.

Maybe that is why the executive director Hans Joachim Watzke raises the temperature with provocative statements sent to the coach of the Citizens, Pep Guardiola. However, the Catalan, removing the burden of the favorites from his back, was the first to start by saying that Borussia gives huge money to the managers in order to convince them to bring the most talented football players in Europe.

This is true, according to official data, Borussia gave the agents 10,000,000 pounds more than City. Or differently: the Germans pass on as much as 12 percent of the income to the managers, compared to only six percent as much as City.

So everything stands, Guardiola did not lie about anything, but there is another side to the coin. Borussia allows managers to bring the kids who are not too expensive yet. City gives wagons of money for ready-made products.

And only the top ones. Since Guardiola succeeded Manuel Pellegrini in 2016, City has given him as much as 886,500,000 euros for new signings! "In the last five years, they have spent almost a billion on new players.

In five years ?! Who else has the opportunity to do that? He has no right to criticize others, "Watzke thundered in an interesting interview with the BBC. He certainly can't be like Pep. He signs the young, sold it as a finished product.

It's just that things are changing here as well, although it is quite clear that in the next year or two, the whole of Europe will fight over the signatures of Erling Haaland and Jaydon Sancho. City reportedly wants Haaland.

And yet ... "When the coronavirus pandemic broke out, we didn't have any debt, not a single euro. That is why we are in a comfortable situation now. We don't have to sell."

Haaland and Sancho

"That is important.

Rich clubs have to understand, if they want a Borussia Dortmund player, there are two options. The first is to tell them they have no chance. The second is to tell them; 'This the price.' They just have to know that it is the price.

It's not another one. We are very clear. Very honest," says Watzke. Borussia does not want to sell Haaland, at least not this summer. But many do not believe, even though it was the same last summer when Manchester United was looking for Sancho.

In Dortmund, they immediately said: 110,000,000 euros. There was no discount and Sancho stayed in Dortmund. "I am just tired of it. Everyone was talking about Sancho going to Manchester United. And he still plays for Borussia.

Now everyone is writing that Erling Haaland will go to Real Madrid, Barcelona or some third club ... And I think I know where he will play on September 1 ", suggests Watzke that Halland will stay in Dortmund. Mino Raiola won't like it, he knows how to make the problem for the clubs in order to drive out his idea, but with Borussia, it is not so easy.

Watzke is not a naive guy. “Mino is a special character. He wants the best for his player. That's how it works. I know him pretty well. Mino knows me. We have no problems. Because we all know what the other one wants to do. "