Juventus wants to bring back Moise Kean and thus correct the mistake

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Juventus wants to bring back Moise Kean and thus correct the mistake

It often happens in football that some big clubs do not give enough trust to their children, so they regret and after that, they return them for more money in relation to the amount for which they sold them. Alvaro Morata is one of the examples.

Once overnumbered at the Bernabeu, he was sold to Juventus for 20,000,000, and Real Madrid paid dearly for their mistake. They were convinced of Morata's qualities in the first person when, in 2015, the Spaniard stopped them on the way to the Champions League final with two goals in a duel.

He stayed in Turin for another year after that, before the Blancos returned him for 10,000,000 euros more in relation to the sale ... Juventus, like Real, made a mistake with the case of Moise Kean, whom, according to the Italian Gazette, they want to return this summer.

Everton would not let him go below 50,000,000 euros, but it seems that Carlo Ancelotti would be interested in a swap deal because he extremely appreciates Adrien Rabiot, whom he already coached in Paris Saint-Germain, or defender Merih Demiral.

The swap deal would certainly be more suitable for the Turin giant with a possible additional payment, having in mind that, according to the Republic, it was Rabiot who was put on the transfer list, together with Aaron Ramsey.

Let's go back to Kean who is the main protagonist in this story. The talented striker grew up playing football in the Old Lady, but when the time came, they did not believe in him. Although they didn't give him a chance, he had very decent numbers.

He played 21 matches in all competitions, scored eight goals, but when a man scratches a little below the surface, his efficiency is amazing. Of the possible 1890 minutes on the field, he spent only 684, which means that he scored a goal every 85.5 minutes on the field.

That’s already impressive for a guy who was still a teenager at the time. Almost two years later, after selling Kean to Everton for 27,500,000 euros, the Bianconeri are aware that they were wrong. Not because of the games in England, he showed practically nothing there (37 games, four goals, two assists), but because of what he has been doing on loan in Paris Saint-Germain all season.

Of course, he plays in the shadow of Kylian Mbappe, but that doesn't stop him from scoring goals. He collected 16 of them in 32 games (12 League 1, three in the Champions League, one in the Cup) as one of the secondary attacking options.

He scored in 14 games, and the Parisians won 12 and drew two.

Returning to Everton

The footballer has already made it known to Ancelotti that he is not interested in returning to Goodison. "I didn't play much at Everton last season.

I worked hard during the summer. It was a big lesson for me, not to give up when it’s hard. Now I can contribute to the team because I have a coach who trusts me," Kean explained. The occasional member of the Italian national team still does not know where the path will lead him.

“I enjoy this wonderful moment. We qualified for the semifinals. At some point, I will have to think about the future, but at the moment I am focused on what is happening in Paris Saint-Germain ", concluded the 21-year-old striker.

As Paris Saint-Germain has open battles in League 1, ie the Champions League, until the end of the season, Kean will surely have the opportunity to become a hero. If that happens, it is very possible that the Parisians will also want to keep the guy whose loan expires in the summer.