Lacazette: "Thierry Henry was one of my favorite footballers"

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Lacazette: "Thierry Henry was one of my favorite footballers"

Arsenal has one of the worst seasons in the Premier League, and if we can single out the bright spots in it, Alexandre Lacazette cannot be bypassed. With two new goals for the weekend, he knocked down Sheffield United, and then in an exclusive interview for Mozzart Sport Kenya, he talked about the season at Arsenal, cooperation with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but also similarities with Thierry Henry, compatriot and one of the football idols.

"I was a real Arsenal fan as a kid. My whole family cheered for the Gunners. Thierry Henry was one of my favorite footballers, a role model, and coming to Arsenal was a real honor for me." "It's impossible to compare me to Henry.

Thierry was faster, taller, of course, a better player than me. I prefer to play at the top of the attack, while he enjoyed the wing more," Lacazett began. Lacazette arrived at the Emirates in July 2017, Aubameyang about six months later, and since they met together at Arsenal, the question is whether the two of them can play together successfully.

"I am much more relaxed as a classic striker and in that position, my qualities come to the fore. I like to play with Aubameyang, we have shown that we can function together." "But it is not up to us to decide what the lineup or formation will look like, and it is always a pleasure for me to see Pierre, to my left.

” With 13 league goals, Lacazette is missing one to equal the most efficient Premier League season of his career. He was the most successful in his premiere, in the second most useful with 13 goals and ten assists, the third generated ten goals and six assists that preceded the goals of his teammates.

Europa League

Despite the fact that he will set the new record, the Frenchman is focused only on helping the team. "I think I'm able to provide even more, but I'm also happy with the performance because this is not an easy season for the team.

There were many different moments, when we played well and when we didn't." "Of course goals are always the most important and related numbers on them, but the most important thing for me personally is to help the team on the field, as well as in the locker room.

" As placement in the Champions League through the domestic championship is an impossible mission, Arsenal is determined to alternatively provide participation in the continental A production next season. "The Europa League is very important to us, we want to win it.

We played in the semifinals and finals of previous years, but this season could be ours." "We want a trophy and placement in the Champions League. That means a lot to us, both to the players and the fans. We want to finish the season in the Premier League as well as possible, but it will be difficult to finish in high positions."

"If we win every week, it will inflame our confidence for the Europa League. The goal is to win the Europa League and better placement in the Premier League. These are not crazy dreams. We have shown that we can beat some great teams, so it's all up to us. "