Florentino Perez at Real Madrid until 2025!

It is expected that Florentino Perez could set fire to the transfer market this summer

by Sead Dedovic
Florentino Perez at Real Madrid until 2025!

It was clear to everyone much earlier, but since last night it has become official - the rule of Florentino Perez will continue for the next four years! Shortly after the deadline for receiving official candidacies for the club elections, it was announced that the Spanish businessman will be the president of the Royal Club for the next four years, since he had no opposition this time either, although it was announced in previous weeks that it would be.

In the end, however, no one submitted an official candidacy within the set deadline, which is why the new mandate of the man who placed Real Madrid on the pillar of the biggest club on the planet was confirmed on the night between Monday and Tuesday.

Perez is logically the only one who managed to provide the necessary money for the candidacy in the amount of 15% of the club's budget. The Madrid daily Marca claims that the amount in question is 92,500,000 euros, while AS writes that the amount is far higher and amounts to 125,000,000 euros, which is the equivalent of what Joan Laporta had to bring into the club's coffers in order to officially confirm his intentions to run in the election.

The sum of approximately 100,000,000 euros will be used in case Real Madrid operates in the minus, and as one of the three main items in Perez's new mandate will be for the club to be economically stable even in the most difficult times for the human race in recent history.

Real Madrid has suffered severe financial blows during these years. Due to that, the losses in the past year amounted to "only" 70,000,000 euros, which is not so terrible considering how the competition went across the European continent.

The football section of Real decided not to spend a cent to bring in new players during the biggest crisis, thinking that it would not be fair to ask the players and the Professional Staff for salary reductions, and then spend the money on big jobs.

And Florentino Perez only likes those ... Madrid newspapers believe that the mentioned minus will be compensated in case the team accepts a new temporary reduction of income of about ten percent, just as it was done almost a year ago.


If he is brought to the required financial level, it is expected that Florentino Perez could set fire to the transfer market this summer as well, just as he would do every time he gained trust. Let us remind you, the key role in the elections in 2000, was the promise to bring Luis Figo from Barcelona, ​​which he did in one of the most controversial jobs of recent times.

After the 2004 re-election, Perez completed the first Galacticos with the purchase of Michael Owen from Liverpool but still made the biggest boom at the beginning of the second presidential term in 2009. Then he broke the competition across Europe by bringing in Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka within a few days for over 160,000,000 euros.

!! After the re-election in 2013, he secured the signature of Gareth Bale for 101,000,000 euros for the Royal Club, which broke the record set when Ronaldo transferred from Manchester United for 94,000,000 European banknotes.

Precisely because of all the above, football Europe cannot wait for the summer ahead of us in order to see which players the famous Spanish megalomanic will manage to sign. The two main targets are Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland, with the world champion being the # 1 target with France!

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