Zinedine Zidane worried about the fatigue of his players

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Zinedine Zidane worried about the fatigue of his players

Real Madrid has a great week behind them. First, they won against Liverpool (3: 1), then on Saturday night they were better than Barcelona (2: 1), and on Wednesday night again Liverpool! And without the injured Sergio Ramos, without Rafael Varane, without Carvajal, and at Anfield without Lucas Vazquez.

When all that is put in one place, it is clear why Zinedine Zidane came to the press with mixed feelings after the victory in El Clásico. There are two big victories for his team, but the players seem to be tired and that could cost them "We are on the brink of endurance.

At the limit of strength. I don't know how we will end the season, the players are drained. This was seen at the end of the action." "But at least it's easier for us now with these three points. We will continue in the same rhythm because we have not won anything yet.

We will not change anything, "Zidane said. The Real Madrid coach is very pleased with how his team played against Barcelona. Had there been more concentration at the end of the action, the match could have been finished long before the 90th minute.

"It was a very, very good match for us. We started very well, then it became more complicated because our rival is also a very good team. We achieved a valuable victory, deserved, we had a lot of chances to score the third goal.


Penalty decision

Zidane did not want to get involved in a discussion with Ronald Koeman, the coach of Barcelona, ​​about whether there was a penalty over Braithwaite at the end of the match. "If the referee did not award a penalty, then it means that it wasn't a penalty.

It is much more important for us how we played, we created a lot of chances to score." "We can be happy because of the triumph and we do not accept the story that we won because of the referee, no, we deserved to triumph.

" Zidane was delighted with Karim Benzema's goal "That is his quality, his talent, which Karim has a lot of. I am happy for him, he scored a goal again. " After all, Zidane underlined that the championship race is far from over.

"The end of the season is far away and that is why we will not change anything in the approach and in the game. We will enjoy it today, and then we will turn to the next two games. The players are tired, we need to rest them a bit ", Zinedine Zidane underlined And Liverpool is at the door. Another match that will be like electricity ...