Manchester United in the semi-finals of the Europa League

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Manchester United in the semi-finals of the Europa League

Inter first, followed by Manchester United! Two of the four participants in the unique Final Four of the Europa League are known, and there will be no place for Copenhagen in it after Bayer Leverkusen. Manchester United managed to win the fight and the duel, which was solved from the penalty spot in the fifth minute of overtime by Bruno Fernandes.

And who else could it be? Manchester United - Copenhagen 1: 0 (0: 0) after more than two hours of football. Manchester United deservedly goes among the top four, although it is not that the opponent that the Red Star eliminated in the third round of qualifications for the Champions League did not have its chances.

In the end, however, experience and an objectively better pool of players decided, so United will wait for the winner of the duel between Wolverhampton and Sevilla in the next 24 hours to find out the name of the next opponent on the way to the trophy.

Bruno Fernandes

What a player Bruno Fernandes is! If the fiasco with Alexis Sanchez is probably the worst deal for Manchester United, then buying the former captain of Sporting Lisbon is the best deal for the sports sector and first operative Ed Woodward!

For the umpteenth time since arriving at Old Trafford, Fernandes was a decisive factor and a man who gave United another success. This time, the placement in the semifinals of the Europa League, which leaves United with the hope that the season could end with a big cup in the shop windows.

Far from the fact that his performance was framed only in a goal from the start in the 95th minute, it was simply a nightmare for Copenhagen's defense. He almost solved the question of the winner during the 90 minutes of the game and drastically reduced the duration of the match, but his shot from over 20 meters remained on the right goal post of Karl Johan Johnson.

United had a handful of chances to achieve a more convincing triumph, long before they left in the extra 30 minutes. At the very end of the first half, referee Clement Turpin rightly annulled Mason Greenwood's goal after consulting with VAR himself.

In the second half, due to offside, the goal was crossed out to Anthony Martial, and Johnson was constantly on the test. However, as there were a number of misses on one side, Copenhagen was motivated to punish them and make a real sensation.

It was played in the 65th minute when Rasmus Falk demonstrated real football magic when he sold Fred and young Brandon Williams a feint for television spikes on the edge of the penalty area and then opened the space for one of his teammates to shake Sergio Romero's net.

Everything was fantastically organized, but the ending was bad. More precisely, Aaron Wan Bissaka got in the way of Copenhagen's glory. However, as the game approached the end, ie the end of the 90th minute, it became increasingly clear that United still had a better pool of players, a long bench, and more enthusiasm to go further.

Just as two teams Andreas Bjelland fouled Martial in their own penalty area, and Turpin did not hesitate much but immediately pointed to the penalty spot. Bruno was infallible, although Johnson read his intention. But he failed to prevent a goal By the end of the overtime, Stale Solbakken's team did not have enough energy to seriously threaten United.

If the situation from the 65th minute had been resolved, who knows what would have happened until the end ... Nemanja Matic played the last 20 minutes of the second half, plus overtime. Ole Gunnar Solskjer remained consistent with his earlier ideas in this match as well, so he found a place for Romero, Williams, and Greenwood in the first team.