Harry Kane could leave Tottenham next season

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Harry Kane could leave Tottenham next season

It didn't go with Mauricio Pochettino, it doesn't go with Jose Mourinho either. After the final of the Champions League in 2019, Tottenham can't stop the continuous result failures that threaten to throw them out of the elite club competition in Europe next season as well.

The Spurs were relegated from the Europa League after a sensational defeat in Zagreb by Dinamo (0: 3), and they have long been out of the zone of the Champions League in the Premier League. And it's not the only concern that bothers the people of Tottenham.

The Champions League will have to be the ultimate goal for another reason. The best striker of the team and the national player of England, Harry Kane, informed the leaders of the Spurs that he will leave the club, if Tottenham does not take at least the fourth position, and is placed in the Champions League.

However, his intention to withdraw from the contract with the team from London will not be easy. Considering that the Spurs are asking for 120 million euros for the freedom of the best player ...

City, United or Madrid

Manchester United or Manchester City were quietly mentioned as real options, although Athletic writes that it is not impossible for Kane to go somewhere else.

More precisely, in the ranks of Real Madrid. The same paper states that Harry Kane is very frustrated with the latest events in Tottenham and that he misses fighting for trophies and the Champions League. There is no doubt that it would be difficult for Tottenham to get used to life after Kane.

The captain of the English national team is playing in amazing form this competitive year. He is at the top of the list of scorers in the Premier League with Mohamed Salah (17 goals), and under Mourinho's leadership, he added another strong weapon to his attacking arsenal: he started regularly connecting players with goals, so he also recorded 13 assists.

Tottenham is facing a fight for the League Cup trophy, as well as a place in the Champions League, and Kane is undoubtedly thinking about the upcoming European Championship. In the previous days, it was speculated in England that the final decision should be made after the final tournament of the best European selections.

Realistically, Harry Kane is currently the best striker in the world alongside Lewandowski. Of course, Real Madrid or Barcelona will have the best chances, because they are the peak of each player's career. It will be interesting to see Harry Kane's decision. And who knows, maybe he will stay at Tottenham ...