Cannavaro on Pirlo: " It is logical to give him time to mature as an expert"

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Cannavaro on Pirlo: " It is logical to give him time to mature as an expert"

Ten rounds to go, ten points difference. Everything leads to the conclusion that the Scudetto is moving from Turin to Milan, that the rule of Juventus with Italian football is coming to an end, it looks like Inter will become champions after 11 years, but also that Andrea Pirlo will soon be - the former.

The media in the Apennines have no dilemma that the days of the former national team player are coming to an end and that after the elimination in the 1/8th round of the Champions League, but also a certain loss of the title, even winning the cup cannot save him from dismissal.

However, not everyone is in favor of such a solution. "Calm down ... When Juventus chose Pirlo as a coach, they knew very well that Andrea had no experience. It is logical to give him time to mature as an expert and establish good relations in the team."

"There are 30 points left in the game until the end of Serie A, and it would be fair for him to be judged at the end of the season ", Fabio Cannavaro calls for reasoning with a cool head. The former Juventus member points out that Pirlo is not as bad as he is accused of.

"He also did good things, introduced a lot of young players to the first team. At the same time, it is not easy to run a locker room full of people who have won a lot. "


On the other hand, the Old Lady is struggling.

"It is clear that some things do not work, that Pirlo was wrong. It's human. It is a legacy that needs to be protected. On top of all that, if Juventus does not confirm Andrea's stay, the question will be asked why they chose him as a coach last summer."

"In case of parting, Juventus would make two mistakes with Pirlo. And it can't be just his fault, if the players make mistakes on and off the field, "said Fabio Cannavaro. Pirlo is in a difficult situation now and will have to try to improve the form of his team.

It was known that the end of the Juventus era had to come, the only question was when it would happen. Still, no one doubts that Juventus may be the old one again even next season, but the question is whether Juventus will be lead by Pirlo or Juventus will look for a new expert.

If there is no change in terms of new players, it is unlikely that Juventus will be able to do anything with the new coach, but they will certainly benefit from the change, whatever it may be.