Andrea Pirlo could leave Juventus due to poor results

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Andrea Pirlo could leave Juventus due to poor results

Antonio Conte could not hide his smile. In Bologna, Inter went to a huge plus eight in relation to Milan and escaped Juventus by as much as 12 steps. A few hours earlier, after the Turin derby (2: 2), Andrea Pirlo admitted that his team did not look good.

After five lost points, the Old Lady slipped to fourth place. Nobody believes in the fight for the title anymore, and Napoli, Lazio, and Roma are breathing down their neck. Until yesterday, the undisputed ruler of Italian football is now trembling for a place in the Champions League.

Until the two finals of the elite competition in three years with Max Allegri, the continuation of the championship series with Maurizio Sari, the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo as proof of the power and desire for the UCL trophy to finally reach Turin after two and a half decades.

It is also clear to Pirlo how much he and his guys failed this season ... "As usual, we complicated our lives. The mistake at the beginning of the second half was similar to the one we made against Lazio." "Unfortunately, such things happen too often.

There are many mistakes in concentration. But mistakes happen, whether you are a coach or a player. , or the referee ..." "We have to stay on our feet and understand the moment we are in. Of course I can't be satisfied.

I'm never satisfied when we don't win. We have to fix it urgently " Juve is waiting for three very important matches in 11 days, maybe even key ones (Napoli, Genoa, and Atalanta). Pirlo is also aware of that ... "The match with Napoli is now becoming the final for us."

New coach

After the new failure of the current champion, the Italian media write a lot about the possibility that this match will be the last for Andrea Pirlo as the commander-in-chief in Turin. Provided that Juve lose the fourth position.

Black and whites have not been in such a delicate situation for a long time, and the moment is the worst possible. They were eliminated from the Champions League, and it could be possible for them not to play in the elite next season in the middle of a corona crisis.

Obviously, the leaders of Juventus must not gamble. We can hear from certain sources that an emergency change in the club is being prepared, that is, the return of Max Allegri, who could secure the Champions League with his experience. Allegedly, Pirlo won't be fired, and he will become an assistant to Max Allegri