Nuno Espirito Santo: "I learned most from Mourinho"

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Nuno Espirito Santo: "I learned most from Mourinho"

Portuguese expert Nuno Espirito Santo has not had as much success with Wolverhampton as last season. The Wolves are far from Europe - but also they are secured in the middle of the table - but Santo still has the status of one of the best coaches in the Premier League.

The man who brought Rio Ave to the two Portuguese Cup finals and Europa League qualifiers before taking over Valencia and taking them to the Champions League, considers one of his greatest successes to be promoted with the Wolves from the Championship to the English elite, and then to the quarterfinals of Europa League, which is the club's best performance since 1971.

"The lineup, the players, their attitude, the way they work, and the spirit of the team are the most important segments. If you don't have team spirit, there is nothing you can do," Nuno Espirito Santo said in an interview for Mozzart Sport Kenya.

The Portuguese says that he is not very interested in the table standing, but is looking at how to improve the game of his team ... "A difficult season is underway, due to all the occasions that surround us. It is not yet time to analyze.

There is a lot to play and we have to focus on that. To try to improve the game and the results. To play the best possible football."

Working in many countries

Santos says it meant a lot to him in coaching development that he worked in multiple countries.

"When you work with different people, in different countries and cultures, you can only be better. I traveled the world as a footballer, as a manager, I met a lot of interesting people. It meant preparing to work in such a difficult competition as the Premier League is.

It's the best league in the world, without a doubt. " Santo has no dilemma from whom he learned the most "From Mourinho! He is one of the best managers in football. Of course, I learned from many, but Jose has always been my inspiration in terms of acquiring knowledge."

The manager of the Wolves was part of Porto, which won the Champions League with Mourinho at the helm. He was the second goalkeeper. Lopetegui, Zenga, Zoff... They are all goalkeepers who have become coaches. The question for Nuno Espirito Santo is: does the position in the team in the playing career determine the coaching style later? "No, the position in the team doesn't matter.

There are managers who haven't even played football. Every coach has his own philosophy. It has nothing to do with a playing career."