Godin: "The situation in Cagliari is causing nervousness even to me as a veteran"

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Godin: "The situation in Cagliari is causing nervousness even to me as a veteran"

During the nine years, he spent at Atletico Madrid, Diego Godin, as the main man of their defense, left a noticeable mark and significantly influenced the phenomenal period of Atletico Madrid. However, before the start of the previous season, the defender left Spain as a free agent and moved to Inter, from where he went to Cagliari a year later, and he commented on the days spent in Diego Simeone's team, but also on the current situation in the Pyrenees and Apennines.

After years of success, the experienced defender, after arriving in Sardinia, found himself in a position to fight for survival, which was a completely unknown role in previous years. "At the beginning of my career in Cerro, Uruguay, I experienced similar situations, but then I was younger, with no experience.

After so many years in Europe fighting for trophies, it's harder because I came to Cagliari to try to help." "The idea was helping the club with the ambition to qualify for the Europa League, to take a step further, it was the president's wish, but we have entered a situation that brings discomfort and nervousness even for me, who is one of the team's veterans.

These situations require responsibility and I took that responsibility and I'm living with it. We have a tense struggle for survival ahead of us, "Godin said.

Inter support

The Uruguayan arrived in Cagliari from the ranks of Nerazzurri as a free agent, after only a year of cooperation.

"I thought I would play in the middle of the last line, where I'm most used to and where I feel most comfortable. However, I had to adjust to another role, change my mentality and physique, which requires a lot of effort at 33 and 34.

I got what I needed, and I got minutes in most games. I get support messages from Inter fans and it's not a coincidence, it wasn't easy to earn that respect. " At the age of 35, Godin is aware that he is writing the last pages of his rich career, but the race against time does not prevent him from having high ambitions.

"I don't know if I have two, three, or four years left. I'm going from season to season and my big goal is to save Cagliari. I made the decision to come together with my family." "As captain and leader of the national team, I want to lead Uruguay to another World Cup, the fourth in my career.

It's in a year and a half, it's not far, but in football, a lot happens in that period." "When I achieve these goals, I will continue from year to year and see how my career will continue, but I do not set a limit that I will play up to 40, up to 37 ... I will see how the body reacts, and the desire is also important because the head rules "