Gabriel Jesus: "Aguero is the best player in the history of the club"

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Gabriel Jesus: "Aguero is the best player in the history of the club"

Sergio Kun Aguero leaves Manchester City at the end of the current season. At the end of one era, he will turn a decade in the club, during which he became the best scorer in the history of the Citizens and he won so many trophies.

Aguero practically left the role of the first striker to Gabriel Jesus in the current season, who will carry a burden after the departure of the great Argentine. The Brazilian stated that his partner from the attack is the best player of the club of all time, as well as that he learned a lot during the years they spent together.

Jesus was delighted when he arrived at the Etihad from Palmeiras, he scored 13 goals in the first 19 appearances and it seemed that Aguero got a real successor. However, over time, the role of the Brazilian striker changed, he often received tasks that Aguero didn't have, so he failed to match the Argentine in terms of goal-scoring.

The 23-year-old Brazilian is aware that it was almost impossible to stand side by side with the former Atletico Madrid striker, who has grown not only into the best scorer since the creation of Manchester City but also into one of the deadliest in the history of the Premier League.

He points out that the 32-year-old Argentine national team player is the best football player in the history of the club and that he will try to learn as much as he can from him in the last few months. "I can still learn from him, but he is first and foremost a real striker, unlike me.

It is his job to go out on the field and score a goal, he is a more classic striker than me and I can say that because I work with him every day and we often play together " Since arriving in the club, Aguero has scored 181 goals in the Premier League.

In that period, the closest to him was Harry Kane from Tottenham, with 21 goals less. Goals are another name for the Argentine striker. "When we play together and I score a goal, he scores two, I score two, he scores three.

I think I will learn a lot in the coming years, to become a real striker, who scores a lot of goals."

Jesus wants to change his playing style

It has already been speculated that Erling Haaland or Danny Ings could arrive at the Etihad instead of Aguero, but Jesus does not feel the pressure.

He scored 23 goals last season, he wants to improve his performance, but he is primarily focused on winning the fifth title in the Premier League in the last 10 years. "It's difficult because I have to score another 10-15 goals, and there are 15-16 games left until the end, but as long as we win trophies, I'm not interested in goals."

He is also aware that he will have to change his style in order to find his way to the opponent's nets more often. "I have to go into the penalty area more, sometimes I don't do that and that's why I don't score a lot of goals.

When you look at the best strikers, they all enter the penalty area, some come out in front to create but then come back." "Not me, my style is different - I go out, create for my friends and wait patiently for a goal.

Sometimes I do that and then I score a goal, but I have to convince myself that when I get a chance, I have to use it. "