Juventus intends to get rid of Rabiot and Ramsey

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Juventus intends to get rid of Rabiot and Ramsey

After ten years of domination in Italy Juventus will, it seems, give up the throne to one of Milan's rivals this year. For that reason - but also because of the unpleasant elimination at the start of the elimination phase in the Champions League - they are planning serious activities on the summer football market in Turin.

Certainly, the main preoccupation of the Old Lady fans is the future of Cristiano Ronaldo (there is a lot of speculation about his possible departure), but the leaders of Juventus are also working hard on some other things.

In order to afford additional financial strength in the market, Juve will try to get rid of some players. The Italians write that Adrian Rabiot (25) and Aaron Ramsey (30) are in the "first contingent" These are the guys who arrived in 2019 as free agents.

From that point of view, it will be a good sale for Juve, but also a huge free space in the wage budget, since both Rabiot and Ramsey, as free agents, have very high incomes. Both receive 7,000,000 euros per year. It should be borne in mind that these are net amounts, ie that Juve would save around 20,000,000 euros on a gross level with their departure.

Given the year and the demand (Juve expects between 15 and 20 million euros), it will not be easy for Ramsey to find a club. Of course, there is also the mentioned salary, and the wish of the Welsh ace to stay in the mentioned region.

Marseille is interested

It should be easier with Rabiot, but the club that has bitten the most is the biggest problem. It is about Olympique de Marseille. Jorge Sampaoli's team is far from the place that leads to the Champions League, next year the famous French team will not see the elite and that could be a big obstacle in a possible business.

On paper, it will be a very complicated operation. The financial situation at the Velodrome is not great, but there is a man in the sports sector to whom Marseille throws all the cards. It's Pablo Longoria. Longoria has very good relations with Juve, where he was employed for a while ...

Rabiot is an important player in Andrea Pirlo's team this year and the Old Lady is planning a good profit from him. Italians claim - at least 30,000,000 euros. There is also a detail for those who doubt that after Paris Saint-Germain, Rabiot would like to join the ranks of the great rival Marseille: in an interview two years ago, it was revealed that the French midfielder was an Olympic fan as a teenager.