The fate of Alaba is still uncertain: Real Madrid and Barcelona will be in the race

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The fate of Alaba is still uncertain: Real Madrid and Barcelona will be in the race

When it comes to David Alaba, only one thing is certain: that he will not be at Bayern in the next season. Everything else is open, uncertain, possible ... While Erling Haaland will be the number one star of the summer transfer window when it comes to strikers, David Alaba will be the most wanted player among the defenders.

It will be most influenced by the fact, in addition to the undisputed top quality, that his contract with Bayern expires and that he will be a free agent, so he can choose the club he wants to go to. There are many interested clubs: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, are just some of the clubs that would like to see the Austrian in their team.

The German newspaper Kicker claims that Real is in a good position. However, the famous agent Pini Zahavi does not close the door to anyone. "David will choose who will win that race. We are negotiating with several clubs."

"There is no deadline for making a decision," Zahavi told Kicker. It is expected that if he reaches an agreement with someone, the Austrian will not announce it until the European Championship passes, where Alaba's national team will be in the group with the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Macedonia.

Problems for Real Madrid

Although the alleged leader is in the race to bring in a universal defender, who covers the positions of central defender and left-back equally well, Real Madrid must first solve two problems in their squad.

The first problem is Sergio Ramos's contract, because the captain, as things stand now, will be a free agent for the summer. There is no agreement between the two sides yet, and the question is whether there will be one.

Problem number two is Rafael Varane, whose contract expires in the summer of 2022, and there are numerous rumors that he doesn't want to extend his contract with Real Madrid and that he wants to change the environment.

If he tells that to the leaders of the club, they will be forced to sell him, so that means he would leave the club without a cent of compensation next year. Real Madrid has a third problem, but there is not much they can do about that problem.

And his name is Joan Laporta. The new president of Barcelona has big plans for the summer, and the first two players he underlined in the notebook are Erling Haaland and David Alaba. The Austrian is perhaps more important to him because he would come to the club without compensation, and Barça does not really swim in money.

On the contrary. He will already have to collect money for Haaland by selling players from the current team. However, the outcome will be very interesting