Gasperini: "The club has grown economically"

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Gasperini: "The club has grown economically"

It often happens that smaller clubs flash, they find themselves at the top of the table, they fight for trophies that season, and then they become average club next year, so only memories remain of a brilliant year. It was believed that such a story would be with Atalanta as well.

They finished 2019 as the third, they were in the Champions League, and according to some rule, it should have been - that. End. But Atalanta had different plans. They finished third last season again, once again playing in the European elite and torturing Real Madrid, and now they are fourth on the Serie A table, with a good chance to move up.

They will have the opportunity to fight with Juventus for the Italian Cup trophy on May 19, and that cup from 1963 is the only one they have in the club's history. It can be seen that Atalanta did not "play only one summer"

The coach of the Goddess from Bergamo, Gian Piero Gasperini, claims that the black and blue have only just begun what they intend "I see Atalanta stronger in the future. Much stronger. Two seasons in the Champions League have strengthened us a lot, both technically and psychologically."

"The club has grown economically and also the experience have gained. Percassi (club president) became even better and stronger. I see economic problems in all other rivals, while our economic situation is very good. Now the only question is how to use all the advantages we have ", Gasperini started the story for L'Eco di Bergamo.

Next season

The coach of Atalanta said what he needs to make the team even stronger next season. “Ideas are on the table. And I don't want to listen to "this is hard to do" anymore, because everything can be fixed.

Of course, when you reach this level, then it is difficult to rely on foreigners, players who are just coming to the country." "We need football players who are ready, who know the league well. And when we talk about quantity, we need players for better balance in all lines of the team.

" Gasperini revealed why the current season was not much better for Atalanta. "In the fall, after a great start, two national team breaks gave us serious blows. Our stability was gone. The team was almost broken, we had little dynamism on the field, we had no balance."

"It was no longer my team, I didn't like it ... It wasn't just the problem with Gomez that affected it, there were many reasons " Gasperini obviously had huge problems, but he managed to save the club, and it can be said that this season was great for Atalanta