Naglesmann believes that the match against Bayern does not have to be crucial

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Naglesmann believes that the match against Bayern does not have to be crucial

We are currently under a national-team break, qualifications for the World Cup in Qatar are being played all over Europe and the world, however, the warm-up for what awaits us from next weekend is slowly starting. The national championships are returning, some very interesting matches are on the line.

In Germany, for example, the derby of the season is on the program, since RB Leipzig welcomes Bayern from Munich. The Bulls are four points behind and their victory would mean a return to a fully open race for the trophy. On the other hand, the triumph of the Bavarians would most likely mean the "death" of the same race and the new title for the current European champion.

Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann answered Bild's questions before the big derby. And the first thing was where his guys would celebrate the eventual winning of the title, having in mind that the balcony of the town hall in that town is quite small ...

"We haven't dealt with it yet. If that happens, be sure that we will find an adequate place to celebrate. However, the situation with a pandemic is such that it probably wouldn't even be possible to celebrate as we would like."

Have you planned what you would wear for the occasion? "No, but don't worry. My wardrobe has a lot to offer." The young expert is known for extravagant clothing ... "I don't think much about it, I wear what I love.

After the 0: 5 defeat by Manchester United, people talked more about my jacket. It's a good thing in everything," Nagelsman joked. "Clothes are a matter of taste, you don't have to talk about it too much. Everyone wears what they feel comfortable in."

Match with Bayern

A match with Bayern could be decisive for you, right? "An important match, no doubt. But we will see if it was crucial for us at the end of the season. If we have the approach as in the first part (3: 3), it could be the game of the season for us.

I'm talking about performance" ... Is Robert Lewandowski perhaps the cause of your sleepless nights? "No! But we will certainly not neglect him in the preparation of the game. What the man is doing is amazing. How much he has perfected his game in the last two, three years ...

He hits with his left, right, head, from free-kicks, outside the penalty area. it's hard to stop him. But in the first game, we succeeded. I hope we will succeed now. " The media write about the conflict in Bayern, the sports director Hasan Salihamidžić and the coach Hansi Flick are allegedly in conflict ...

"I don't think the Bayern players are interested in that at all. It was nice to see the victory against Stuttgart, with a player less. So I don't care either, it's just inscriptions, we only deal with serious things."