Mane: "We are trying to change this situation and I am sure we will succeed"

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Mane: "We are trying to change this situation and I am sure we will succeed"

Liverpool broke records in a row last season and returned the title to Anfield after 30 years. Jurgen Klopp's team was amazing last season, but the current season has brought huge problems. Primarily injury problems, which influenced the Reds to be a pale shadow of the champion generation.

The problems are there, they are accumulating, and Anfield has been turned into a hospital this season. Sadio Mane does not hide that it is difficult for everyone in the club and that they are going through a period that they want to forget as soon as possible.

"I feel more proud than ever since I am a Liverpool player. Let’s be honest, it’s hard for us and it happens to clubs sometimes. It’s also part of football, ”Sadio Mane said.

Mane doesn't want to give up

There is no continuity of good games this season, not only with Mane but with the entire team.

Sadio Mane has a rather weaker year on an individual level. He scored 12 goals in 37 games in all competitions, and last season he shook the opponent's net 18 times in the Premier League alone. "We have to deal with the situation, not to give up and not to look for excuses, but to continue to fight and stay motivated.

When you are a fighter, you never try to justify yourself, we are here to find solutions. When I'm with my teammates, it always gives me a lot of energy. " The Reds faced unforeseen circumstances, the imagined looks of the players are seen more and more often, and the smiles that adorned the faces of every first-team player a year ago are disappearing.

However, Sadio Mane is still looking forward to every game and points out that he is happy in Liverpool, even though the gloomy season is behind him and his teammates. "We have always been successful, but now bad luck has happened and we can see what life is really like.

We have to be positive and fight." "So we are trying to change this situation and I am sure we will succeed. I am happy and I really enjoy playing matches with my teammates in Liverpool ", Sadio Mane concluded Will the Liverpool players raise the game to a higher level after the national team break, considering that the Champions League next season is now in question for them.

Klopp will have to find solutions, and if he doesn't find them, Liverpool will have one of the worse seasons in the last few years.