Sergio Ramos does not want to extend his contract. PSG is waiting for their chance

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Sergio Ramos does not want to extend his contract. PSG is waiting for their chance

The relationship, which began in 2005, could end on June 30. In exactly 100 days. Or will there be a surprising turnaround? For months, the Spanish media reported almost daily on Sergio Ramos and his contract with Real Madrid.

However, the two sides failed to find a common language regarding the extension of cooperation, and there has been a lull on that topic for several weeks. 100 days before the expiration of Ramos' contract, and seven until his 35th birthday, the famous Marca announced that no solution is in sight and that the last meeting of Real's captain with club president Florentino Perez was held in December.

Does that mean that the famous defender definitely broke and rejected both Real offers? In that case, Paris Saint-Germain is expected to react as soon as they receive the signal. Because there is allegedly a gentleman's agreement between the two clubs that the Parisians do not interfere until the 16-year relationship is really broken.

As a reminder, Real Madrid offered the long-term captain two options: extension of cooperation for one year according to the current financial conditions from the contract (slightly more than 17,000,000 euros per season) or for two years, but for 10% lower income.

That salary cut - as a result of the coronavirus pandemic - was accepted by other Real Madrid players, with the exception of Lucas Vasquez.

Perez and PSG offer

The experienced football player, whose contract also expires in three months, did not refuse specifically because of the mentioned reduction, because he believes that he deserved a salary increase for his games, and it was not offered to him.

There is no doubt that the atmosphere at the Santiago Bernabeu will be very tense for the next three months, and not only because of fighting for a title with the city rival Atletico. Spanish media write that Ramos and Perez have always had an open and correct relationship, but they also state that in this case, both are looking exclusively at their own interest.

The great defender is reportedly being offered much better financial conditions in Paris. The figure of 45,000,000 euros for three years was mentioned, but the question is whether he is leaving Spain at the end of his career.

With Real, he has won many trophies. This season, he still has the opportunity to climb to the roof of Europe again, as well as the top of the Primera, although it will not be easy. Real is playing against Liverpool in the quarterfinals of the elite competition, and in the domestic scene they are six points behind the leading Atletico Madrid, and Barcelona is ahead with two more.