Juventus is looking for a coach to succeed Pirlo

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Juventus is looking for a coach to succeed Pirlo

Director Fabio Paratici tried to put out the fire by saying that Andrea Pirlo and Cristiano Ronaldo are staying in the club. Fans are furious and demand responsibility for a season that is sliding towards disaster. The current coach reportedly has a chance to convince the leaders in five of the remaining 12 games by the end of the competition cycle that he deserves another chance.

It's just that Juventus is such a club that nothing less than a first place is not recognized, which is why the media and Italy are dealing with the projected solutions on the bench of the Old Lady if her former midfielder fails by the beginning of the summer.

Pirlo will be judged based on the results - but also the game - in matches with Napoli, Inter, Milan, and two with Atalanta (in the championship and the cup final). If the black and whites look decent on them, and even won the cup against the Atalanta and at least did something worth mentioning, Pirlo will get the opportunity to lead the team in the 2021/22 season as well.

As it is a hell of a difficult mission, especially because of the performance so far, which does not promise anything good in Turin, there is a lot of talk about successor. There is no money for some of the biggest names in world football.

The latest financial report showed that in the final six months of last year, they were in the deficit of 113,700,000 euros, which is why Pep Guardiola (although he dreamed about it last summer), Jurgen Klopp, and even Zinedine Zidane are not a realistic option.

Especially since neither Manchester City nor Liverpool want to give up the current ones, and Real will not find a better one than the current strategist, no matter how hard they tried in Madrid to present the relationship between the head of the profession and President Florentino Perez as tense.

It is especially unrealistic for Massimiliano Allegri to return to the helm. He was literally driven away by the first man of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli, and the chances that Max will come to Juventus again are extremely low, although the trophy expert suggested that he will return to his professional obligations from next season.

Such a situation limits the Old Lady to three solutions, the Republic assures.

Three options

Perhaps the most attractive name among them is Gian Piero Gasperini, the creator of the miracle with Atalanta. From an average club, he made a permanent participant in the Champions League, a threat to powerful clubs, and revived Bergamo in five years, which are his strong trump cards if Juventus really decides to change Pirlo.

He is also counting on his connection with Juve, since he passed the younger categories as a player, and at the beginning of his coaching career he led a young team of Juventus. Gasperini is entering the final year of cooperation with Atalanta until the summer, and if he does not extend his contract, the current champion could hire him under favorable circumstances.

When it comes to the contract, from July 1, Simone Inzaghi becomes free on the market, and as the president of Lazio, Claudio Lotito, refuses to offer him a new contract, it is a cheaper solution than Gasperini, which is not negligible in the global financial crisis.

As for coaching qualities, Inzaghi proved them at the Olympics, he returned the Romans to the Champions League, he also nurtures attacking football, he won sympathy in the Apennines, and if he doesn't stay in Lazio ...

The third name on the list of candidates is Luciano Spalletti, who was last hired at Inter, previously at Roma and Zenit. He proved himself in Russia, not exactly in Italy, but if the ideas with Gasperini and Inzaghi cannot be realized, Juventus would also think about Spaletti, as a man at the beginning of a new cycle.